Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day to Me......My 1st Mother's Day As a Mother of Two Under Two!  I love this picture of me and my littles on my special day.  Mainly because you can see the wear and tear on me.....the bags under the eyes;)  My arms are full of love, I am exhausted, yet so content!  

And Happy Mother's Day to My Mom Ivy!  This year she got to celebrate with both of her daughters in town and all of her grandchildren.  It was a simple and meaningful weekend with my sister, my niece and nephew (Cher and Zack), my parents, and my little family.

If you ask my Mom what she wants for Mother's Day.....she will always tell you..."something that you make me!"  Usually this strikes me with anxiety and let me tell you that some years she has gotten a doozy.   {in particular I remember a pair of stepping stones that Chase and I made.....that were totally not functional with chards of glass sticking out of them;)}  But this year I was prepared with my pinterest board and whipped her up some homemade lemon sugar hand scrub.  It was so yummy and fits her well with her love of gardening.  

My Mom and Dusty love to cook and are always in the kitchen.  This year they let Laken help out by dropping the potatoes in the water.  Miss Independent couldn't be happier!
My niece and my nephew.....love having them around for the laughs, they are both a hoot.  I always love when they come and anticipate how they have changed since the last time I have seen them.  Cher is now taller than me, and Zack is right behind her.

Playing on the floor....that's where Riv likes it best;)

 Then we spent some time at the park.....Laken's new favorite past time.  She loved having a huge audience and having cousins to play with!  Zack loves kids and babies......especially his cousins.  He even asked Dusty if she would have another baby after this weekend.  He spent a lot of time talking about them, what they like, how little River's hands were, and playing on the floor with them. He even cracked a joke when I said that Laken doesn't like meat.  "She must be Jewish;)"

 Here is a rare glimpse of Chase who was on call all weekend.  Poor guy was exhausted too....and had to sneak a cat nap at the park.  Riv liked having a blanket buddy to snuggle with.

 River just recently started swinging at the park.  He loves it and is so relaxed with Auntie in the sunshine!

 Cherridan Hope is typical teen....and just could not wait to go shopping at TJ Maxx.  She was very quiet this time and I was struck by just how grown up she seemed to me.  She really is a teen and it is still so surreal to me.  I remember her at Laken's age like it was yesterday!

 Sitting on Gamm-pee's lap.  He pretty much lets her do what she wants and she likes it.  Fishing out ice cubes in his water glass, playing with his breakables, and marching all over the place with him in tow!
 My sister surrounded by her and my babies.  I wish she lived closer so that she could watch them all the time.  She is amazing with little ones....I would know...since I was her shadow from birth.  She toted me everywhere when she was a teenager and I was a preschooler;)  What teen does that?  I am lucky she is my big sister and so patient!