Morning Routine

I'm trying to document the little things, as I have heard that they are the things you miss the most when they are gone.  Right now our morning routine is pure crazy for me.  But I am sure that one day I will wish I could relive it just one more time:)

Daddy usually wakes up to his I phone's alarm around 5:30 am.  And the poor guy has to tiptoe around in order not to wake up the kids.  River still sleeps in our room, so he is ever so quiet shutting the bathroom door to take his shower, and shutting the front door when he leaves (it is between our bedroom and Lakens).  

Anywhere from 6:30-7:30 my little Riv monster starts waving his arms or playing with my face {we are going through a faze....he sleeps with us at night....I know terrible....but it is what it is}.  I quickly grab a pacifier and sometimes he will go back to sleep for a few more minutes.  If not, we cuddle for a few minutes.  He is usually so warm and has the biggest smiles for me in the morning!  I quickly sneak out of bed {cue the crying because I left him}, tiptoe past Sissy's room to the kitchen.  Like lightening I make a milk cup for Laken, a bottle for River, and a pot of coffee for me.  I tiptoe back to our bedroom, pick up Riv, play peekaboo in the mirror, and then get him changed and dressed for the day.  We tiptoe back to the living room where I rock him while he drinks his bottle.  We talk about the day....and he is very happy!  I grab a cup of coffee and take a drink or two before I hear a whimper from Laken, meaning she is awake.  I put River on the floor with some toys.

I open Laken's room and she says, "Hewo!"  She has been playing with the light switch beside her crib so the lights are already on.  Her hair is wild and in her face!  She jumps up and down with excitement.  While changing her and getting her dressed for the day she says, "Baby?"  so I tell her where he is and what we have planned for the day.  We also talk about the colors of the tissue poms above her changing table.  Sometimes this distracts her enough, but usually she starts taking her toiletries and diapers out of the basket beside her.  Then we brush her hair and put it up {pigtails or half up}.

We walk to the kitchen and she says, "MiK!"  I give it to her and if she will let me I rock her while she drinks it.  

I begin to make breakfast for all three of us with a toddler at my heels.  She usually starts by taking a kitchen towel out and "cleaning" the floors, or by following me around saying "nana?", but eventually she ends up crawling up into her booster seat at the kitchen table and sucks her thumb while she patiently waits for breakfast.  Sometimes she even taps her other hand.  About this time River cries, so I stop what I am doing to go get him {sneak in a tickle} and then buckle him into his highchair. 

Here is a typical breakfast for the three of us.  Laken's bananas cut up, a little yogurt, and part of an english muffin with peanut butter.  I salvage whatever is left:)  And River has whole grain baby cereal mixed with a fruit puree.  

During breakfast I give River a spoonful {sometimes I remember to make buzz noises while flying it into his mouth}, entertain Laken by talking about the llamas outside, and the foods she is eating {this is an important step so that she does not get bored....boredom at the table means food on the floor!}  River spends his time watching Laken....so I have to redirect him to his spoon frequently.  Most of the time I do not remember how and what I ate, it just disappears. 

And then we clean up, get ready for the day, go to the gym and gymcare, watch Elmo's world, change diapers, sing songs, do chores, in any order & repeat.  It is always crazy and busy and I would not have it any other way!

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