More Toddler Games

This girl loves her games!  And maybe because the teacher in Mom loves them too:)  This is a game that I  have been waiting to try with her for a while, but we had to wait until spring when the stores started to carry pool noodles again.  She is stringing cut up circles of a pool noodle on a jump rope.  I love this game because it leaves just enough pool noodle left over for summer use, and a jump rope is still usable when the kids outgrow this game.  This stubborn little bug needs a challenge to keep her from buzzing around!

This was our 1st attempt at fingerpainting.  It was not a success....as two seconds after this photo, that finger dipped in yellow paint went straight to her mouth!  Hahahahha!  I guess I should have thought this through a little better since she is sitting in her booster at the table, and probably was confused.  This kid likes to taste test everything.  "Icky or Yum-Me?"  So I am on the hunt for an edible finger paint recipe.

Good old letters from the $ store.  I think these are her favorites...and she says, "ABC" the whole time.  Her favorite activity {the little domestic diva} is placing each one of them one by one back into their bag, taking them back out one by one, and over and over!

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