Gymnastics Buddy n Me

Today Laken went to her first day of Gymnastics Buddy n Me class at 360 Gym.  The whole family had a blast!  The place is amazing.  We have tried several toddler activities in town and this one just seems to be the perfect fit for us.   It started with free play for a good half hour on obstacle courses filled with jumping, climbing, crawling, swinging on ropes etc.  Then everyone sang and danced to music.  And the grand finale was time in "the pit"!  Thank goodness Chase was there....another Mom warned me that one time she got in the pit and could not get out!  Chase was the only parent that went in and the instructor said the kids loved it.  At one point he was surrounded by 5+ toddlers throwing foam blocks at him and asking him to catch them:) Laken had a blast, she was so proud that he was her daddy!  For her first day she did great trying new things and interacting with the other kids.  River squealed with joy watching them all play.  It will be fun when he can do the activities too!

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