Feeding "Baby"

Laken is really into helping with anything....cleaning up, sweeping, opening doors, and especially helping with her brother:)  When she wakes up the first thing she asks is, "Baby?" with a huge questioning nod.  I always tell her what he is doing whether it be still sleeping or playing....and then she is just fine.  She likes to pull off his socks, and tries to put them back on.  She likes to hold in his pacifier.  She also would love to feed him.  I have never let her.   But your know how Grandparents let their grandkids do whatever they want:)  I came around the corner and found this while Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Leslie were watching the kids.  She was doing a great job!  And River adores her and he was very patient with her!  Laken was very proud of herself!

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