7 Month Stats

* I am 20 pounds, 12 ounces
* I wear 12 month clothing and am really tall!
* I can wear my sisters diapers when mom is in a pinch;)
* I have decided that I only like to sleep with my parents, and sneak into their bed around midnight every single night!  It all started when I was sick.  I am all better now but discovered what I was missing.
*  My neck and sides are very ticklish.
* My sissy likes to pull off my socks, I just like that she is playing with me and think that it is funny.
* I hate my carseat, green beans, and wind blowing.
* I can let out a scream that is ear piercing, mostly because I want to be right with my family at all times.
* I am a cuddle bug and love to be rocked close.
* My hair is really growing, mostly on top.
* I love to listen to music, and watch my family play with musical instruments. I like to suck on and bite the ones they give me:)
* I am very squirmy and it is getting harder to change my diaper, and feed me....I am so busy!
* I have a wide smile, and flirty eyes.....women fall in love with me wherever I go.
* I really like Carrie from the gym daycare.  She says I am her favorite....and she holds me the whole time I am there.  On the days we go to Adcope....I smell like her perfume;)
* I make a lot of sounds now....lots of noises that start with "Dad"!

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