Random Photo Pictures

Please note that most of these pictures were taken on our cell phones.  It's a real bummer that all of the spontaneous moments seem to turn out blurry, but I want to archive them because they tell our story so well;)

Sweet picture of Laken and Daddy making surprised faces. They were on a daughter/daddy date.

A picture that Riv and I sent Daddy at work

This is my precious cargo at the 13 hour Rosauers cereal sale.  As you can see I never have room for the groceries;)  And where is River?  I am dreading the day when River can no longer ride in the car seat.  I am not quite sure what I will do.  I am so grateful that I now have Rosauers back with kids and let me tell you why: 1.they give kids a cookie in the bakery to eat while Mom is busy shopping. 2.they are one of the only grocery stores in all of my travels that still uses paper bags.  3. They always offer to push the cart out to the car....and this is such a blessing so that I can keep my babies safe and attended to while I pack up the groceries in a busy parking lot.  Love this store, most of the bag boys know my children by name;)

Cool picture that Chase took of River....so creative!

Laken's special time with Momma shopping alone. She got to ride in the car........ it was so late and slow at Safeway that I did not feel silly running up and down the isles growling, "Vrrooom" while Laken squeeled "WHEEEE!"

River smiling at the new toys that Grandma Peggy brought him.

I'm trying to document some of the special little details that seem so mundane now...but I know that someday I will cherish.  This is a typical Laken lunch nowadays....grilled cheese (anything with cheese:) veggies, apples (she asks for them several times a day now because she likes to say"apple"), and yougurt (yes she is that cool and eats with utensils now)!  It should be mentioned that half of this ends up on the floor.  And when she is ready to get down she says, "aww done!"

"Top of the Morning and Night to Ya!" -Riv in the morning and at night @ 7 months

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