The Easter Bunny Came

The Easter Bunny Came in the wee hours. The kids had fun "discovering" the baskets that he brought and the fun treasures inside. I love this age because the kids were great about sharing and I don't think that they realized that they each had their own baskets. We all had fun playing together in our PJ's and bunny ears, reading our books, coloring in the color book, hugging the stuffed animal, and laughing at the wind up chick waddle around.  Later in the afternoon Laken and Chase played with the bubble blower outside while River tried out his new sippy cup inside.

Mom and Rod had us over for Easter brunch.  The food was amazing as always, and we had fun visiting with Aunt Pat, and cousins Kyle and Blaire Wilson.  I wish that we had captured more pictures of them in their Easter outfits, but everyone seemed to be running a hundred miles an hour....no surprise why;)  These two are so blessed...they made a haul since they had two more baskets from their Grandparents and Auntie.  When we loaded them up to go home, both kids were fast asleep within a block from Grandpa and Grandma's house.  We even heard someone snoring!

 ~Laken rocking the clip in bunny ears....perfect for her pigtails;)

~Riv's 1st time wearing shoes out of the house

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