6 Month Stats

* I am 19lbs 7 ounces, and 27 1/2 inches long. 
* I wear 9-12 month clothing, and size 3 diapers.
* I have two teeth (my bottom middles)
* I suck on my toes.
* I love to blow raspberries
* I stand if you hold me at the waist.
* I flirt with my big brown eyes. 
* I let out a long low growl....and my parents wonder when I am going to take a breath again.
* My hair is straight and dark.
* I still sleep through the night....but like to sneak into Mom and Dads bed in the early morning hours.
* Naps are over rated.
* I take baths in the big bath tub with Sissy.
* I adore everything that she does and watch her like a hawk.  She tries to pick me up a lot, and pats my head.
*  I kick my feet all of the time like I am ready to go places.
*  I am too heavy to be packed around in my car seat anymore.
*  I get distracted when drinking my bottles.
* I can drink from a sippy and the edge of glasses with help.
* I hate green beans.  I gag when you try to sneak them into my diet.
* I laugh a lot.  Mostly I let out a short chuckle but sometimes I giggle.

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