Home Meaningful

I feel an evolution taking place in my life.  In 2009 I would have said that I was a heavily career driven woman, lacking meaning in my life.  I think that this was reflected in my sense of style as well.  Our prior house was although beautiful to us...very dark and simple...much like a show room in any furniture store.  Fast forward....and I mean push the button till the tape is eaten (sell the house, quit the job, give up grad school so that your husband can pursue his career goals and you become a stay at home mom if the babies ever decide to bless us, move across the country, give birth to a miracle girl, 13 months later a surprise miracle boy, and move across the country 2 more times before landing back in Idaho)..... WOW now I can sum myself up in two little words MOM & WIFE.  And I love it to my very core....this is ME and I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin.  My life just feels full of meaning and love and words I can not find to express the depths of my identity.  I am ready to begin on a new journey with my trusty husband and partner at my side....to decorate our house and make it a home.  I love design, and beautiful things....but now I love meaningful and inspiring things equally.  I have a new appreciation for antiques and up-cycled items.  I feel like our home's style should have a heavy emphasis on comfort and function.  I am overjoyed with the new pieces we are dreaming of, discovering on craigslist, refinishing from antique stores, and inspired by pinterest.  I can not wait to document this experience on our blog.  I want my kids to one day understand the thought and love that went into making their house a home.  Chase, Laken, and River are my muse's; the spirits who I can not wait to create beautiful memories with in our home.

To begin our journey to "Hone Meaningful" we started by simplifying and purging our belongings.  This meant getting rid of any items that we no longer use, or do not love.  The task was astounding and therapeutic. I sold most of the items on a local virtual yard sale site for LC Valley moms.  I am proud to say that all of the projects below were funded from the sale of items we honestly do not miss!"

This is my very 1st project inspired by pinterest.  It was super easy using Scrabble tiles.  I purchased the game the day after Thanksgiving for $3.88.  I love that our names are all intertwined and touching as one;)  I'm hoping to put it (along with all of our family pictures) on a gallery wall in the new house.

I die for anything school related.  And I adore lockers.  Thanks to my mother's watchful eye.....she spotted these babies on Craigslist for $150.  I just love her;)  They came out of Medical Lake High School and a guy who worked in construction salvaged them!  I drooled as he rolled up the doors of his storage unit to show us, and even talked him into adding 12 vintage PE locker baskets for $1 each to sweeten the deal. {more on those babies later}

Lucky for me, my super amazing and talented husband is also a handy-man.  He grew up around renovations and worked at Ace Hardware during college!  Chase was able to remove one of the lockers off the end so that it will fit perfectly into a nook in the new house.....the lockers are going to be our version of a mud room / drop space for the new home.  Each of us will have our own locker for backpacks, purses, cell phones, frequently worn shoes and coats, etc.  1st Chase lightly sanded the lockers to remove the old stickers, gum, and class schedules from the interiors;)  Then he spray painted the entire piece with Krylon Sateen Blue spray paint.  I finished it off with the decorative numbers 2-6 {six is my favorite number, and it would be sacrilegious to leave it off}.  We have an extra locker, in case we decide to expand our family in the future.

This too was a simple project inspired by pinterest.  My old canisters were ceramic and cracking from all of our moves across the country.  I replaced them with simple glass canisters from Walmart/ $7.99 a piece.  I then attached vinyl decal labels for each.  I think that the flour and the sugar themselves are pretty shades of white and should be seen:)  Seeing them out on the counter reminds me to bake more often....it not only feeds my family but also my soul.

At our church in Glendale, AZ I was able to attend a speech by Kurt Warner and his wife.  They were speaking about their new book "Warner Family Rules."  The book is really inspiring about the importance of establishing morals and values that your family stands for.  I love the idea of having our families "rules" written loud and clear in our home.  Chase and I sat down on the computer together a few months ago and came up with the morals and values that are most important to us, and that we hope to pass onto our children.  It was fun to come up with them....and I hope that it will give each member of our family something to strive for. We had the sign custom made by a sign store on Etsy. 

This is the rocking chair that my mother had in my nursery when I was a baby. It was originally wood but has since been painted black.  My mom passed it on to me when we moved back from AZ.  I have been rocking Laken in it ever since.  There is something special about rocking her, and thinking about the connection that we have, the way I feel when I rock her sleep at night, and the reflection on the same thing happening back in 1983 between my mother and I {insert tears here}. We've decided that we love this piece so much and want to keep it in Laken's room for a long time.....so we have decided to give it a new fresh coat of paint to match Laken's nursery.

I adore the vintage feel of the robin egg blue.  The rocker is the perfect backdrop for Laken's quilt and pillow from her nursery set.

There is nothing better than rocking your babies before they sleep.  It's my favorite moment of the day with each of them.  Currently River has his crib in our room {yes we are those kind of parents}, but in the new house he will move into his own room at 9 months old.  So he needs a rocker too!  I asked around on a local social networking site for moms in the LC Valley.  A thoughtful mom, gave me the hookup, and told me to check out the antique store in Craigmont.  WHAT......so we meet again!  This place is the hidden gem of Idaho, I had been there before but somehow it had slipped my radar since the multiple cross country moves.  It is actually called the Craigmont Hardware Store....but as anyone from a small town knows....all ma and pa stores need to be the jack of all trades.  So literally they sell hardware, paint, and antiques at incredible prices.  So Chase and I, with our kids in tow, took a road trip....and just like my helpful mommy friend told me they had an amazing solid wood rocking chair.  It did not have a price tag.  The owner let us have it for $30!  Woot woot!  Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the rocker before we refinished it.  It was a dark wood with painted decorative decals.  We sanded him down, and coated him in a glossy cherry red to match River's nursery set.  It is adorable...and what doesn't red look good on?

Back to Craigmont Hardware {the hidden gem of Idaho}.  Chase and I have been searching for the perfect kitchen table.  I have always wanted a farmhouse table....and envision my entire family, young and old, wrapped around one for all of the family meals and projects to come.  We had picked out the perfect one at Pier 1.  But something just wasn't setting right with us {maybe the price tag}....and we still had not made the purchase.  So in we stroll to Craigmont Hardware and our mouths dropped when we saw this old gal.  She is beautiful, heavy,  and wise with all of her wrinkles from time.  I whispered, "I kind of like it!"  And Chase said, "Me too!"  And this was the birth of our next DIY journey together.  We asked the store owner how much she wanted for the table.  She said, "How bout $250?"  SOLD and shut the front door....some things are just meant to be.  We love her {the table that is]!  She even came with an additional leaf for large family gatherings. I like to think that this table came from a real farmhouse...since we found her in the tiny farm town of Craigmont, ID.  She is our latest unfinished project on our quest to "Home Meaningful".  The chairs are covered in a gaudy tapestry that will have to be recovered.  Since we like her age and character we have decided not to sand her down.  We have applied an ebony stain to bring out her nicks and worn spots to hopefully reveal a fabulous distressed finish. 

"Home is whenever I'm with you"


The Easter Bunny Came

The Easter Bunny Came in the wee hours. The kids had fun "discovering" the baskets that he brought and the fun treasures inside. I love this age because the kids were great about sharing and I don't think that they realized that they each had their own baskets. We all had fun playing together in our PJ's and bunny ears, reading our books, coloring in the color book, hugging the stuffed animal, and laughing at the wind up chick waddle around.  Later in the afternoon Laken and Chase played with the bubble blower outside while River tried out his new sippy cup inside.

Mom and Rod had us over for Easter brunch.  The food was amazing as always, and we had fun visiting with Aunt Pat, and cousins Kyle and Blaire Wilson.  I wish that we had captured more pictures of them in their Easter outfits, but everyone seemed to be running a hundred miles an hour....no surprise why;)  These two are so blessed...they made a haul since they had two more baskets from their Grandparents and Auntie.  When we loaded them up to go home, both kids were fast asleep within a block from Grandpa and Grandma's house.  We even heard someone snoring!

 ~Laken rocking the clip in bunny ears....perfect for her pigtails;)

~Riv's 1st time wearing shoes out of the house


Random Photo Pictures

Please note that most of these pictures were taken on our cell phones.  It's a real bummer that all of the spontaneous moments seem to turn out blurry, but I want to archive them because they tell our story so well;)

Sweet picture of Laken and Daddy making surprised faces. They were on a daughter/daddy date.

A picture that Riv and I sent Daddy at work

This is my precious cargo at the 13 hour Rosauers cereal sale.  As you can see I never have room for the groceries;)  And where is River?  I am dreading the day when River can no longer ride in the car seat.  I am not quite sure what I will do.  I am so grateful that I now have Rosauers back with kids and let me tell you why: 1.they give kids a cookie in the bakery to eat while Mom is busy shopping. 2.they are one of the only grocery stores in all of my travels that still uses paper bags.  3. They always offer to push the cart out to the car....and this is such a blessing so that I can keep my babies safe and attended to while I pack up the groceries in a busy parking lot.  Love this store, most of the bag boys know my children by name;)

Cool picture that Chase took of River....so creative!

Laken's special time with Momma shopping alone. She got to ride in the car........ it was so late and slow at Safeway that I did not feel silly running up and down the isles growling, "Vrrooom" while Laken squeeled "WHEEEE!"

River smiling at the new toys that Grandma Peggy brought him.

I'm trying to document some of the special little details that seem so mundane now...but I know that someday I will cherish.  This is a typical Laken lunch nowadays....grilled cheese (anything with cheese:) veggies, apples (she asks for them several times a day now because she likes to say"apple"), and yougurt (yes she is that cool and eats with utensils now)!  It should be mentioned that half of this ends up on the floor.  And when she is ready to get down she says, "aww done!"

"Top of the Morning and Night to Ya!" -Riv in the morning and at night @ 7 months

The House of Simpsons

This is the future House of Simpsons! Woohooo we are building a house and this is the little slice of heaven that it will be on. Planning to move in the end of June! 

Egg Hunt 2012

Today we took the kids for a last minute egg hunt with the Howlands. Both Ashley and I were a little leery of the community egg hunts with our little toddlers. So we had our own mini egg hunt on a Saturday at Pioneer Park.  The kids were so funny.....grabbing an egg and eating what was inside before getting another one!


Sibling Love and Jealousy;)

It all starts out with Sissy wanting to hold brother or "baby" as she calls him lately.

Then realizing that she can't and settling for a love pat on the head.

Somewhere around here the switch turned....

A swift karate kick to the head fueled by jealousy.....lucky Dad was right there to intervene since Riv never saw it coming.

On this night I was admiring Laken's beautiful hair and realizing just how much it and she is growing.  I was a little sad and decided to bust out the camera to catch a few photos while she watched a movie.

Riv decided to get in on the action by pulling her shirt and hair.

He quickly redeemed himself with this sheepish grin;)