Sweet Bubber

"Tonight we say goodbye to our beloved family member Bubber. Thank you for your unconditional love for us and our babies. You will be missed dear friend. A house just doesn't feel like a home without your presence. Love you always and a gentle pet on the whiskers."

Our dear kitty passed away last Saturday.   In her memory I would like to write a few things about her.  Bubber came into my life during the summer of 2002.  She was a scraggly stray who spent her days running around the parking lot in my college apartment.  I loved her from first site....those big beautiful green eyes had me hooked.  Despite the fact that my room mate was allergic to cats....I would sneak her inside.  She quickly became my girl and a dear friend.  Chase moved in with us shortly after her arrival and fell in love with her as well.  She was an excellent mouser, loved to climb trees and telephone poles, and had a sweet spot (her neck and whisker area).  She stayed with us in our 1st apartment together for 5 years as the only cat.  She went missing for a whole month.....a very long month for us....but luckily she showed up one day and our hearts skipped a beat with her meow at the back door.  She was loved by so many in that apartment building.  In 2007 we bought our first home and Bubber loved the back yard, but could just tolerate the cat that came with it, her brother Belo.  I can still fondly remember waking up in the mornings to Bubber sleeping on the dresser above Chase's side of the bed, and Belo on his cat bed on my side.  In 2009 Chase and I had to move to Arizona for him to return to school.  As we would be living in apartments that required only indoor cats, we had to leave Bubber behind.  It was a hard decision but we knew it would be best for Bubber and her love of the outdoors.  She took a long vacation and spent two years with her Grandparents in Orofino.  They took very good care of her, but said she was very depressed for a while.  She hated the other cats, and patiently waited for our return.  In June, Bubber got to come home with us in Lewiston!  We were overjoyed to have her back and to introduce her to our baby girl Laken.   To our surprise Bubber loved Laken!  Bubber was so patient with her as Laken learned how to pet the kitty gently.  I do not know how many times Laken pulled her fur and tail, but Bubber never blinked an eye.  Bubber even grew to adore Laken.  She was Laken's first friend. And Laken was her last love.  A week before she died I took these pictures.  Bubber is laying down on Laken's changing table in the picture above.  The night of Bubber's accident Laken stood at the back door pointing and saying, "Bub-bor!"  It broke my heart.  I am so thankful that Laken loved her and spent time petting her everyday.  She was just beginning to get to know River, and liked to sit beside us when he drank his bottles.  Chase and I both feel a little guilty that in this last year we were so busy with out babies that we rarely had time for loving on Bubber.  However, I think this was the best year of her life, and she was so content with her family.....especially her new friend.  She will be missed forever and always.

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  1. I remember when Bubber started coming around. She was a sweet little gal. Sorry for your loss.