One and a Half Stats

* I am 28 1/2 pounds, 33 1/2 inches long.
* I wear 2T clothes.
* I like to spin in circles until I am dizzy.
* I have a stubborn and independent side, but also like to cuddle and will occasionally let you steal a kiss.
* I'm all about sucking my thumb.
* My favorite foods are bananas and animal crackers.
* I sit in a booster seat at the kitchen table, and have passed on my high chair to my little brother.
* My stuffed turtle is my best friend.  When I get tired I hug him and snuggle.
*  If you ask I will show you my belly button.
* I count........"one, two, two, two, two......."
* I sing my "A, C, C's"
* I point out my nose, eyes, ears, mouth, knees, toes, and shoes.
*  I talk quite a bit now.....my most used words are: "hi, hello, buh bye, all done, go, shoe, down, Bubber, Bobo (nickname for brother), Dad, no, wow, oh wow, oh my, uh-oh, yay (while clapping), and eeeeiiiiiiii eeeeeiiiiiiiiiii (and I skip the ooooooooooo).
* I am a ham, and love to laugh hysterically for an audience;)
* I rock pigtails, or half up and everyone tells me that I have great hair.
* I brush my own teeth.
* I am very social and often the life of the party.
* I'm into animals and like to mimic their sounds...especially the cow's moo and the owl's whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo.
* I love to dance, usually by rocking my head back and forth to one side.

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