Birthday Parties Rock

In our early twenties weddings were all the rage.....I think both Chase and I would say they were our favorite events of the summer. Now that we have a family....children's birthday parties rock! The kids get to dress up, run like wild, and eat pizza and cookies to their hearts content. The parents get to talk with old friends while admiring our little gems. Our good friends "The Howlands" celebrated Kaden and Braylons 2nd birthday last weekend! We had a blast. Thank goodness for the Howlands. I feel blessed to have them as our buddies. At the Howlands house we can let Laken run and know that she is safe (its babyproofed), and best of all if someone has a meltdown the Howlands won't mind (they have two twin boys and have seen it all;) Riv can even borrow a crib or two for a quick cat nap. Ashley is really a rockstar mom........and I am so greatful for her helpful tips on wrangling two kids at once. I honestly fear the day when my two can both run in opposite directions. Somehow Ashley and Bryan make it seem easy;) 

Both Kaden and Braylon love their cars.

Kaden and Laken playing together;)

I think this is Braylon and Laken sharing a chair.

The rough and tumble birthday boys......disassembling a bag of drinks!

Fell asleep on Dad......ready to borrow a crib.

The best part of being a toddler is that you get to "crash" birthday parties (open birthday presents that aren't yours, and stand in front of the boys while everyone tries to take their picture eating cake).....and no one seems to mind;)

Laken had a blast and even wore her hat and blew her party horn the whole way home;)

Happy Birthday Boys.....we has a blast and promise to return the favor;)

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