5 Month Stats

* I wear 6-9 month clothing, and Size 3 diapers.
* I have a tooth, my bottom right middle.
* I now eat whole grain rice cereal and sweet potatoes.
* I roll over, but still hate tummy time.
* I like to sit up if you support me at the waste.
* I take baths in the big bath tub with my sister. 
* I love to play in my jumperoo.
* I have lots of chicky fuzz on my head.
* I am all about my toys and love to play with my football, roll my snail on the floor, and chew on all of them;)
* I coo and squeel with delight a lot.  Especially if you tickle my neck or put me high up in the air above you.
* I do not like loud noises......such as my sisters screams.
*  I like to cuddle with blankets and rub them on my face.
* I like to touch my parents faces and play with moms hair.
*  I do not care for my car seat, bumbo, or bouncer.  I like to squirm and wiggle about instead. 

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