Snow Day

Our first year back in Lewiston and it has the worst snowstorm since 1996. Chase went off the road in his car on his way to work! Luckily he and the car are just fine. But it had to stay in a parking lot snowed in for a few days. We hadn't even purchased snow gear for Laken because snow almost never sticks in the valley. So we braved the roads and found her a pair of snow pants and snow boots that will hopefully fit Riv next year. Here are the pictures of her first time playing in the snow! She was so serious and just kind of stared at it. She could barely walk in it, and ended up sitting down and watching while Chase built half of a snowman in the yard. She came in early for hot chocolate with Mom;) Brrrr! 



How do you take a good picture of two kids under the age of two? I try and I try..... 

And after several failed attempts.....sister bails and brother breaks out in the cutest smiles.....however my camera blows and for some reason all the photos today are blurry :/  Someday right!

4 Month Bloopers

4 Month Stats

*  I am 15 lbs, 12 ounces, and 25 1/4 inches long.
*  I wear size 2 diapers, and 6 month clothing.
*  I am the sweetest little boy and smile and laugh all of the time!
*  My neck is really ticklish, and if you pretend like my feet stink I think it is so funny:)
*  My eyes are brown, and a little bit green on the edges.
*  I have brown straight hair and it is filling in.
*  I love my sister and love to watch everything that she does.
*  I have rolled over once a few weeks ago.
*  My favorite time of day is bath time.
*  I am a Momma's boy.
* I like to cuddle after I eat and before naptimes.
*  I eat a little bit of whole grain rice cereal twice each day in my bumbo or high chair.
* I still sleep through the night, and take at least 2 naps a day.
* I coo and gurgle a lot.
* I smile at myself in the mirror.
* I don't really like when my parents leave me with anyone but them....in fact I scream!
* My toes are very long.
*  I like to swat at, kick, and rattle my toys.
* I sit in my bumbo or propped up in the corner of a chair.
* I arch my back when I am excited or upset.
* I like to listen to music and watch Baby Einstein videos.
* I am starting to drool so my parents think I might be getting a tooth soon.

Food Take 2.....I Love It!

Day 2 of food, River was prepared with a bib this time! 

And he LOVES IT!

Notice the sneaky / slightly jealous toddler climbing in the background?

She just wanted to get in on the camera action and give brother a little head pat!  But don't let her fool you....a few moments later it turned into a smack......the joys of having a toddler sister;)

First Food!

At 4 and a half months River had his first taste of food with whole grain rice cereal. He took it really well! He sort of played with it with his tongue but was able to swallow some right away! He quickly had enough and was ready for his bottle! 

Sleep Baby Sleep

I love him so much....and I want to remember how peaceful he looks when he sleeps. I just stare in awe of him....watching his eyelids flutter, smelling his sweet breath, and sneaking a little cheek rub here and there. Stay this little Sweet Riv! 

Toddler Games

Laken is ready for some activity at home during River's naps. I have been spending my "free" time making her toddler games to keep her busy and thinking! I think I am having as much fun as she is. Here are the first couple of activities from this week;) 

Bean Scooping....this one went on for at least an hour;)

Button snake....practicing pulling a button attached to ribbon through felt squares.

Pipe Cleaner Fun......her favorite game so far!  Putting pipe cleaners into the holes of a condiment shaker.

Pure Cuteness

Little Bear is getting so big. He is such an observer and likes to sit up and watch his sister play! River is a very sweet little guy and loves to smile, coo, and cuddle! His eyes are darker brown now and his dark hair is beginning to fill in.

My Boys

She Climbs Tables!

This is how we found her one morning after breakfast! Aaaaah! 

After the freak out we decided to watch how she accomplished this feat.....and take pictures every step of the way! 

Pure Joy on her face!
On this day we were so happy and proud of her. The funny thing about climbing is it is all she wants to do now. Some days I get so tired of getting her down that I put the chairs outside. We have even found her on top of her high chair....which means she climbed on top of the table and over.....scary!

Happy River @ 4 months

Growing Up and Sitting in the booster seat

Laken started sitting in a big girl seat.....a booster a few weeks ago! She is so grown up and took it like a champ.......sitting the whole time between us and eating off of her plate. She really likes it and I think is ready to pass on the high chair to her little brother!