Christmas Card 2011

If I missed you or don't have your new address......please email us rainysimpson@hotmail.com

Me and My Babies

Creepy cell phone pics;) but I cherish them.

Welcome Home Sam

Chase and his high school buddies had a little get together/ welcome home party for Sam Baumer. He just got back from another Marine tour of Afghanistan. Thank you for your service Sam, we miss you!

3 Month Bloopers

3 Month Stats

It is now 2 months later, and this Momma feels terrible that she never got around to her baby boys three month statistics.  But I can tell you a few special things about him that must be mentioned:
*  River's breath smells like buttered popcorn flavored Jelly Belly's!  Really it does!
* When River smiles, his eyes smile too:)
* When River looks in the mirror with someone else, he looks at the person beside him and not himself....we think he is going to be a little guy who thinks of others first.
*River's laugh is really more of a chuckle;)

Santa Clause 2011

Boxes Are Bomb!


Laken let out a little whimper from the living room and this is how I found her.....stuck in her drum!


An Old Friend

Laken was surprised to see her old friend the bumbo out and about again. Secretly I think she enjoyed all of the attention her brother got from sitting in it;) Shortly after breakfast she tried it out and had a blast! And for the past several days she has been testing it out for a little bit each day.....even though it is much too small for her;)

Bumbo 1st!

Riv sat in the bumbo for the first time this week at 3 months old! He really liked it, and even got to sit up with us all through breakfast on the table! When it was time for a sibling picture Laken really wanted to hold his hand;)

Jolly Good Fellow

Adorable right.....I can't get enough of the little man's smile! ~3 months and change

The Secret Cupboard

I found Laken the other afternoon playing in the cupboards! She was so cute, and I marveled at her while snapping pictures as she worked so hard to shut herself inside. She kept getting a foot or a finger stuck! She finally accomplished her goal and spent the rest of the time playing peekaboo with me.

Grandma Ivy's 57th!

We celebrated Grandma Ivy's birthday at the house this year. Laken helped her blow out the candles, while Riv watched!

Sweet Boy

Laken also wore this sweet little bear suit last winter......aaaaahhh slow down time!

Pistol and Magnum

We certainly have our hands full with these two!