Two Months Stats

* I weigh 11 pounds 9 ounces, and am 23 1/2 inches long! * I wear size 1 diapers, and 0-3 or 3 month clothing. * I have started to fill out and now have the family "chubby cheeks." * I smile easily and have a crooked one that is oh so contagious. * I coo and gurgle when you talk to me! * I wake up 1-2 times each night for a bottle. * I am now officially a brown eyed boy and still have brown hair as well. * I love bath time even in the deep washtub. * My parents have given up on swaddling me, I am an arms out kind of guy. * I like to play under my toy gym and bat at the rings. * I am a really good natured little boy......I allow my parents to take me everywhere, and am very patient when my sister needs them. * I have almost outgrown my bassinet and will be moving to the crib in my parents room shortly (when they are ready). * I love to cuddle and to rock!

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