One and One Third, 16 Months, Toddlerhood!

"Toddlerhood is like three parts fiesta mixed with two parts wrestling match, and one part jungle safari!" This quote made me laugh when I read it and I had to share it because it describes Laken right now to a T! It is so fun to see the world and all of its adventures through her eyes. She has developed sass, humor, opinions, and a whole repertoire of emotions and expressions. One minute I can not stop laughing, and then next we are ready to pull our hair out. I received the nicest compliment and beamed the other day when a friend told me, "she just has the best little personality!" We adore her, and she is often the topic of our adult time conversation at night. "What did Laken do today?" .........."she climbed inside her toy box and could not get out, she played with a bug on the kitchen floor, she climbed into the bottom drawer so that she could reach into the top one, she told me {no, no, no)!" Awww snap, that psychic in Sedona was right......we have a spitfire on our hands. I often call her "Pistol" when she is sassy now. It pairs nicely since River is our "Magnum" born at 3:57 ;)

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