Christmas Lights at Locomotive Park

We took the kids to Zany Graze tonight (a new favorite) and then to Locomotive Park as our family date night this week. The Christmas lights were beautiful and Laken loved running wild to the Christmas music and lights. She threw a toddler tantrum (kicking and crying) when it was time to leave. River was all bundled up in a fleece blanket and slept through the whole thing:) I think that we may have to come back a few more times this month!

Baby Einstein

River watched his 1st Einstein video last night. He loved it and squealed, waving his arms throughout! I forgot how amazing it is to watch someone so little get so much entertainment, joy and focus out of a video.


Decorating for Christmas

Christmas 2011.......this brings babyproofing to a whole new level......Chase had to put our tree on top of the entertainment center! It is beautiful but so funny. And I still can not believe that we have are a family of 4 and fill up a mantel with stockings. It is surreal to me that we have jumped from 2 just two years ago;) I can not wait for Christmas with the two little bugs this year :)


The girls playing peekaboo tonight:)

Who sleeps through the night.....this guy!

12 weeks tomorrow! Sleeps through the night and still takes a nap with mommy;)

Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees is Tri State's hospital fundraiser gala. It was fabulous to get all dressed up and spend some time together with cocktails, music, and adult conversation.


We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom and Rod's house, just the 6 of us. It was Laken's first holiday meal with food and only half of it ended up on the floor:)

One and One Third, 16 Months, Toddlerhood!

"Toddlerhood is like three parts fiesta mixed with two parts wrestling match, and one part jungle safari!" This quote made me laugh when I read it and I had to share it because it describes Laken right now to a T! It is so fun to see the world and all of its adventures through her eyes. She has developed sass, humor, opinions, and a whole repertoire of emotions and expressions. One minute I can not stop laughing, and then next we are ready to pull our hair out. I received the nicest compliment and beamed the other day when a friend told me, "she just has the best little personality!" We adore her, and she is often the topic of our adult time conversation at night. "What did Laken do today?" .........."she climbed inside her toy box and could not get out, she played with a bug on the kitchen floor, she climbed into the bottom drawer so that she could reach into the top one, she told me {no, no, no)!" Awww snap, that psychic in Sedona was right......we have a spitfire on our hands. I often call her "Pistol" when she is sassy now. It pairs nicely since River is our "Magnum" born at 3:57 ;)


Wordless Wednesday

Laken 16 months tomorrow, River 11 weeks


Just Stay this Little

Whaaa time is flying by and our babies just keep growing. I hardly have the time to treasure the moments as they fly by, and the pictures and journaling just don't seem to do them justice. I feel like so much has happened that I would like to write down or have a photo of but all we seem to have time to do is live in the moment these days;) It is bittersweet, but we can honestly say these are the best times of our lives. I for one can say I have never been happier or more fulfilled. Tonight I decided to update the blog and realized these pictures of a childrens book signing by Jan Brett are all that I have captured. Just a quick moment in our crazy weekend:)


Two Months Stats

* I weigh 11 pounds 9 ounces, and am 23 1/2 inches long! * I wear size 1 diapers, and 0-3 or 3 month clothing. * I have started to fill out and now have the family "chubby cheeks." * I smile easily and have a crooked one that is oh so contagious. * I coo and gurgle when you talk to me! * I wake up 1-2 times each night for a bottle. * I am now officially a brown eyed boy and still have brown hair as well. * I love bath time even in the deep washtub. * My parents have given up on swaddling me, I am an arms out kind of guy. * I like to play under my toy gym and bat at the rings. * I am a really good natured little boy......I allow my parents to take me everywhere, and am very patient when my sister needs them. * I have almost outgrown my bassinet and will be moving to the crib in my parents room shortly (when they are ready). * I love to cuddle and to rock!


Sunday Morning Blessings


This weekend my cousin Lacie and her daughter Trinity came to visit. Here are a few pictures from lunch at Moms house. Trinity is just a ball of energy (age 4) and loved to pick up and hug Laken. She is really a sweet little girl and we had a great visit!


Girls Like Starbucks

Milk by *bucks..........girls trip out with Mom:)

Boys Like Camo

Outfit from Grandpa Charlie.......dressed up by Dad:)


Sweet Sissy

Laken found a pacifier in the living room and surprised us all when a few minutes later I found her in the kitchen trying to give it to her brother! Most of the time she is sort of oblivious to River and occasionally will take notice of him, so this was a really special moment for us. She is most fascinated by his eyes and always tries to touch them. She tries to pull his socks off, rock his swing "for him", and will kiss the top of his head if you ask her too;) On his first week home she whacked him in the head with her teapot.....so needless to say we always have to be on our toes, but the sweet moments like this are priceless!

Happy Halloween!

This was the year of the little monster and baby bat! So stinkin cute aren't they? On Halloween morning I caught a picture of River smiling on his toy gym in his "I heart my mummy" shirt! We think he looks like me in this picture......yay! He really is a sweet little guy and smiles and coos at us now! The pics of Laken are from when her costume came in and she got to try it on.....she thought it was so funny and giggled while stomping around the house in her monster feet. We then played peekaboo with a blanket, and she now says, "Boo"! Halloween night we went to the Halloween celebrations on Main St. with friends. Kaden (19months) the dragon, Braylon (19 months) the monkey, Laken (15 months) the monster, Delaney (9 months) the cupcake, River (8 weeks) the bat, and Savonni (18 months) the tiger! The kids got their pictures taken together at KidzPicz.....I will post when it comes in. Then the Howlands came with us over to Grandma Ivy's house for pumpkin shaped pizzas.