One Month Stats

* I weigh 7 pounds, 11 ounces. * I wear size newborn diapers and onesies. * My hair is dark brown and curls right after the bath. * I have deep dark blue eyes and my parents are wondering if they will change to brown. * I furrow my eyebrows a lot. * I really like to be held and will let you know when you put me down ;) * I have long eyelashes already. * My arms, fingers, and toes have been very long proportionately since my birth. Dad says I might be a knuckle dragger. * I listen to noises closely, and turn my head towards them. * I prefer my mom to most people. * I would rather sleep during the day than at night! * I like to eat, and started nursing like a champ right after birth. * I only like baths if they are in the big tub with Mom. * I have a darker skin tone than the rest of my family.....they say I am blessed. * I smile if you tickle my cheek. * I look into your eyes when you talk to me. * I just started to coo! * I do not like to be burped. * I am able to grab the rings on my toy gym.

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