Just a perfect day

A perfect day @ 7 weeks and 15 months


Halloween Party

We got to take River to an adult Halloween party last night! He is still just too small to be without us so he gets to go everywhere with us;) I was a witch, River was a baby bat, and Chase was a "bad ass!" Last weekend Riv went with us to a wedding and this weekend a party....he kind of steals the show wherever we take him! Laken has been staying at home with Grandma since we are usually out past her bedtime and she adores her special time without us as the center of attention. Last weekend she even made the local news when Grandma and Grandpa took her for a tour of the new library open house downtown!


Mamas Helper

Our little toddler wants to help Mom with everything. Her favorite's are cooking and sweeping. Here she is in the pan cupboard.....which end up all over the kitchen atleast once a day!

6 weeks old

Our little man is already 6 weeks old! He is definitely starting to fill out and his eyes have started to turn colors. Sometimes they look green and at other times brown. He is such a sweet little boy who keeps us on our toes!


Harvest Festival

Wilson Banner Ranch

It Is Fall........

"It is fall, it is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere...........that means it's fall!" -A lyric from Laken's Yo Gabba Gabba Tunes that fits our weekend perfectly!
Red Barn Farms, October 2011. Laken 14 months ~ River 1 month


One Month Bloopers

One Month Stats

* I weigh 7 pounds, 11 ounces. * I wear size newborn diapers and onesies. * My hair is dark brown and curls right after the bath. * I have deep dark blue eyes and my parents are wondering if they will change to brown. * I furrow my eyebrows a lot. * I really like to be held and will let you know when you put me down ;) * I have long eyelashes already. * My arms, fingers, and toes have been very long proportionately since my birth. Dad says I might be a knuckle dragger. * I listen to noises closely, and turn my head towards them. * I prefer my mom to most people. * I would rather sleep during the day than at night! * I like to eat, and started nursing like a champ right after birth. * I only like baths if they are in the big tub with Mom. * I have a darker skin tone than the rest of my family.....they say I am blessed. * I smile if you tickle my cheek. * I look into your eyes when you talk to me. * I just started to coo! * I do not like to be burped. * I am able to grab the rings on my toy gym.


Sweet Riv

Just a few pictures of sweet Riv tonight!


Aunt Dusty and Cher Come to Visit

This weekend Dusty and Cher made it over to meet the little guy! Auntie just couldn't get enough snuggle time;) And here is a photo that she caught of Riv and Grandma Ivy together that is so sweet!