Double Time

This is our crazy life now with 2 kids way under the age of two! The gear, oh the gear and the supplies. This is us out on River's first walk to the Wildlife park by our house. We got to try out our new double stroller and thank goodness the path was wide.....this stroller is a beast! The kids didn't seem to notice. Laken sipped on her sippy and River checked everything out with one eye open! It was so nice to get out of the house. A few days after this we took both kids for an overnight stay to Spokane Valley. We went for Chase to take his boards......and he passed! But the journey up was a crazy one. I sat in the backseat of the car smashed between two car seats. And the car was jam packed with diapers, etc! Everywhere we took the kids we were a walking spectacle and people offered to help! Hahahaha! I will borrow a Kate Gosselin, "It's a crazy life but it's our life!" and I should add that this life feels just about perfect!

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