Grandpa Rod's 57th Birthday

We celebrated Grandpa Rod's 57th birthday with brunch at the rockhaus. This is what Rod and Mom have named their new house in Lewiston because of all of the rock landscaping ;) Aunt Pat and Gale were also there for the big day. The last picture is of Grandpa pulling Laken around the wood floors on a blanket!

Just the boys

Dad and Riv, 2 weeks old

2 weeks old

My sweet baby is growing so fast.....and the time just won't slow down. At 14 days old (2 weeks) I was rocking him and he was just so sweet and peaceful. And then I panicked and realized he may never look this way again and I must take more pictures! And I am so glad that I did because they captured him so well!

Grandma Peggy's Visit

Grandma Peggy got to come and visit us all during River's 2nd week! Here are some pictures of a really nice day that we spent down at the park....feeding ducks, swinging, and playing in the grass!


Grandparents Visit

Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Leslie made it over to meet their newest grandchild last week! It was also Grandpa's birthday so we celebrated on the patio with a barbecue! River was 12 and 13 days old in these photos.



Sweet River

Sweet Little River on another walk, 11 days old.


She's Wild

Laken got all dressed up for a special date with just her Dad. They went to the Lewiston Roundup Parade downtown, just the two of them!

One week old ~ Chord fell off

More pictures from 1st week

Double Time

This is our crazy life now with 2 kids way under the age of two! The gear, oh the gear and the supplies. This is us out on River's first walk to the Wildlife park by our house. We got to try out our new double stroller and thank goodness the path was wide.....this stroller is a beast! The kids didn't seem to notice. Laken sipped on her sippy and River checked everything out with one eye open! It was so nice to get out of the house. A few days after this we took both kids for an overnight stay to Spokane Valley. We went for Chase to take his boards......and he passed! But the journey up was a crazy one. I sat in the backseat of the car smashed between two car seats. And the car was jam packed with diapers, etc! Everywhere we took the kids we were a walking spectacle and people offered to help! Hahahaha! I will borrow a Kate Gosselin, "It's a crazy life but it's our life!" and I should add that this life feels just about perfect!

Precious River ~ 5 days old

Little Brother

First Bath

Riv hated his first sponge bath at home!

Welcome Home River

On River's 2nd day we were able to bring him home! We both handled labor well and he is the picture of health......nursing great and doing all of the things that he should!