The Next Chapter in Our Crazy Life

Study, wait, study, wait, study, wait.............study for the Anesthesia boards, and wait patiently for the arrival of River! That is what we do day in and day out now. Chase was incredibly lucky and was hired at Tri State Medical Center here in the Valley. This is were he completed his last residency, and the hospital has just transitioned to a new national anesthesia group called Ethos. Ethos hired Chase to work for them at Tri State! Yay we get to the stay in the location of our dreams. After moving all over the country....we can truly say that the best scenery is friends and family! And we feel so blessed to be back home for good! Now that Chase has graduated, he studies every day at a coffee shop in town to prepare for the boards later next month. Here is a picture of Laken stopping in for a visit to rescue Daddy from the books;) He is very excited to "start working for a paycheck" in the near future. But until then study, wait, study, wait......

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