One Year Stats

* I have just completed my first trip around the sun!
* I wear 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
* I have 9 teeth.
* My hair is now really curly in the back, and my bangs are so long that the hair gets into my eyes!
* I repeat many words and use many of them regularly now, most recently "Yeah" and "Down". I know my cats name is Bubber "Dudader", I call my Grandma "Gammama", and can name my owl and duck stuffed animals.
* I still love books and seem to have many favorites now. "On the Night You Were Born" and "Mr. Brown Can Moo."
* I now like to cuddle my stuffed animals and lovey blankets.
* I climb stairs!
* I walk confidently if you hold one of my hands, and have taken one step alone many times.....but quickly drop to my knees because I am faster that way.
* My favorite foods are toast, yogurt, and anything that the grown ups are eating. I am not a picky eater, love to try new things, but am not a big fan of meat.
* I love other kids, especially older ones!
* My new favorite place is the splash pad at Pioneer Park.
* I crawl as fast as I can to the front door when my Daddy gets home from work.....I squeal with delight when he calls me while he is at work!
* I love to cuddle with my mom during my night time routine for bed....she rocks me while I drink my last bottle.
* I like attention and try to get it from other people when we are in public....sometimes I just squeal at them, fake laugh, or show them what I am eating from my high chair.
* When you say "hello" I quickly slap my hand to my ear like I am on a cell phone;)
* I sometimes stare at or pat my mommy's growing stomach.....it looks funny to me. My parents just gave me my very own baby to practice for my brother's upcoming arrival.
* I listen to simple commands, but also throw a few tantrums here and there.
* I like to try things myself. I like to brush my own teeth, try to brush my own hair, and feed myself half of my meals.
* I now have babysitters: my cousin Alyssa and my Grandparents. I love it when they come over to play and do not mind when my parents leave!
* I love to show you my skills and will often do them all at once, (clap, click my tongue, wave, and talk on the phone;)
* I like to push my car and other pushable toys while I walk behind them. Mostly because this makes Mom and Dad happy;) Still not sure how to back them up when I get into a corner.
* I am still obsessed with the kitchen and like to hand my mom dishes from the dishwasher when she puts them away. I play with my new play kitchen while she cooks, and also in my special kitchen drawer.
* I am very adventurous and like to get into the toilet paper rolls, climb the stairs, open the fireplace controls, pull on the lamp cords, open and shut doors, play with blinds, and eat things I find on the floor. {all of which scare my parents}!
* I love my cat Bubber.....I pet her and scream at her with delight. Sometimes I get in trouble because I pull her fur and her ears. But she loves me anyway and likes to tickle me with her tail!
* I am excited for my first birthday party next weekend!

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