Four Teeth in Five Days!

Laken has broken 4 teeth in 5 days! So she has doubled the amount of teeth in her mouth and now has 8 teeth total (4 top middles, and 4 bottom middles). The amazing thing is that who would have known. She has been so sweet and the tooth monster did not show up this time. Could we be any luckier with this kid!?! Here she is eating her special macaroni and cheese (natural, real cheese, low sodium), and today she moved on to the bunny shapes that are even bigger. For breakfast she has upgraded from whole grain cereal (similar to cream of wheat) and fruit to whole grain toast and fruit. Wow what a great job Laken. She had a pediatric apt. yesterday and she was 23 lbs. 30 inches (90th percentile for height and weight). Very healthy and ready to move on to milk instead of formula. Chase and I are the ones not ready for that and are holding out for her 1st birthday;) 11 month pics to come.

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