Eleven Month Stats

* My parents say that this has been the biggest month of changes in my development!
* I live in Idaho and love having a house, my own room, and a yard to play in.
* I am 23 lbs, 30 inches long (90th percentile for height and weight).
* I am thinning out and am actually wearing out my clothes now. I wear 12-18 month clothes.
* I wear size 4 diapers.
* I am very mobile and crawl, stand, pull myself up, and take steps with your help.
* I now have to wear shoes to practice my skills. I have small feet and am in size 6-9 months when fitted for training shoes.
* My knees, hands, and tops of my feet are always dirty from crawling all over the place;)
* I actually wore off the top of my shoes outside (the soles need to be on the top).
* I have 8 teeth (4 of which I have broken in the last week). They are my 4 top middles, and 4 bottom middles.
* I still love music and now shake my maracas when Dad plays his guitar. I dance and sway to music.
* I love to shop and now wave hello and goodbye to everyone when I feel like it.
* I like to clap my hands for attention and have started doing silly things to make people laugh like making machine gun sounds.
* I love my kitty Bubber and squeal with delight whenever she is around! She lets me pull her tail and fur (still working on petting her gently).
* I am a social butterfly and love to meet new people and play with kids my age! I am not shy at all.
* I say, "Dad, Mom, Nine, Hi (sometimes) and most recently owl (oww-waa)"!
* I am into everything and love to be in the kitchen when mom is cooking. I have my own drawer and open and close it multiple times a day. It has empty boxes, measuring cups, towels, etc and I throw them allover the kitchen.
* I have my own bedroom and have slept in it no problem since my first day in our new place in Idaho. I now sleep 10-11 hours a night, and take 2 naps a day.
* I love food and get to try most anything now. For breakfast I eat buttered whole grain toast and fruit. For lunch and dinner I usually eat whatever my parents are having or a chunky baby food. Recently I tried straight lemon and loved it (despite the occasional pucker ;)
* Some of my new favorite toys are bouncy balls, my pink ball from Grandma, my water play table, and my owl.
* Bad habits: I hate having my diaper changed and squirm and wiggle the whole time! I also like to stand up in the bath tub and it is a constant battle to keep me safe. I have a shoe addiction and will chew on anybody's flip flops. I also love to get into the cat food and water. If you would let me I would eat it. Although my parents are frustrated.....they can not help but laugh.
* I have lots of hair and it just keeps getting thicker (especially the curls in the back)!
* I put my hand over my ear and pretend to talk on the phone ;)
* I recognize my grandparents and friends that live near us. I even reach for them when they come over!
* I am looking forward to my 1st birthday at the end of the month!

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