Update on Baby Riv!

Breaking News: River and I had our first appointment with our new OB Dr. Urquhart in Lewiston. River's heartbeat was 149 and we just started our last trimester together. Lately little Riv has been extremely active.....waking me up 3 nights in a row! He now stretches out and I can see him poke out in two places on my stomach! As far as the pregnancy goes this time I feel blessed to have no gallbladder pain (knock on wood). It seems that I have traded that in for hip pain this time. I literally limp everywhere because my hips are killing me. Both of my OB's are convinced it is related to having two pregnancies so close together.....it is hard on your joints, bones, and body in general. We discussed preterm labor again and are hoping little Riv can bake at least as long as Laken. It is hard to believe that Laken was born 8 weeks from now in terms of pregnancy length. So we just ordered River's bassinet and swing just in case and are fully prepared for him by the end of August. This weekend I am making my last trip to Spokane to finish up buying the necessities for him. I can not wait to meet him and hold him close!

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