Social Bee

Laken is quite the social bee now that we are back in Idaho! Our schedules are packed catching up with old friends and all of the summer events. Truly Idaho is the most amazing in summer. My best friend Liz Stark came down from Colville to visit us and family for a few days. The first three pictures are of her kids (Easton 2 1/2, and Aava 8 months). Laken really liked Easton since he is so great with babies having a little sister of his own;) Aava and Laken are only 3 months apart (like Liz and I) and enjoyed the water table again. Laken is really getting to know her Grandma and Grandpa Breen. Here she is with Grandma out to lunch. She now reaches for Grandma whenever she stops by, and mauls Grandpa's hats and glasses right off of his head. Today they closed on their house in Lewiston and we are very excited to have them even closer to us! The last two pictures are of my good friend Amanda Wilhelms daughter Savonni 14 months. Laken and her play really well together and in these pictures Laken is supposed to be in bed, however Savonni is feeding her "lil crunchies" (a baby version of cheese puffs). We've seen many other of our friends, but I need to be better about catching pictures of them all together. I know that someday they will treasure them and have a good laugh!

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