Little Rock Zoo

Today we went to the Little Rock Zoo. This is Laken's 2nd trip to a zoo and she enjoyed it this time even more since she could see some of the animals. This zoo took us 3 hours which was the perfect size for her nap schedule. It was humid and sunny so Laken is all greasy from the sunscreen. I was there too.....but I am always behind the camera ;) There were a lot of primates just being fed at this zoo. The orangutan drug that dirty blanket with him everywhere he went! We also got to see a trainer feed the little monkeys their medicine. One monkey was a diabetic and it was fascinating to watch him put out his arm and place it in her hand for his insulin shot! The giraffes are always impressive. The last picture is of a magnolia tree just starting to bloom. I have never seen one in person. They are all over the city and much bigger than I imagined. Hoping they come into full bloom before we leave in 3 weeks.

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