10 Month Stats

* I am 22 lbs on my parents scale!
* I wear size 4 diapers, and 12-18 month clothes.
* I have curls at the base of my head.
* I crawl EVERYWHERE and am into EVERYTHING.
* I stand by myself.
* I am just starting to take steps when I have something to hold onto.
* I lift myself up to my knees and up to one foot.
* I love to clap and click my tongue. Especially if you sing, "If your happy and you know it clap your hands!"
* I rock and dance to music.
* I talk all the time.....lalalalalalala, dad and daddadadadad, mamamamamamam, and bababababba. I act like I am having conversations with lots of expression while waving my hands.
* I love to help my mom with the chores. I cook (play with measuring cups) and fold laundry (play peekaboo with the towels).
* I have 4 teeth....all of my middles.
* I pull knobs, push buttons, open doors, and pull door stoppers.
* I am fascinated by the vacuum cleaner and blow dryer.
* I eat cheese, yougurt, noodles, bananas, bread, and many chopped up foods.
* I have an internal alarm clock and wake up every morning at 6:30 like clock work. I still sleep 11 hours at night. I take 2 naps a day.
* I love to pull and play with moms hair.
* I like to brush my own teeth when you are finished helping me.
* Bath time is still the best time of the day. I like it best when dad gives me the bath, and then mom gives me my bottle.

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