10 Month Bloopers

It is nearly impossible to get a clear picture of me. I am always moving and practicing my skills. During this shoot I was fascinated with the camera and wanted to play with it badly. I wanted to crawl, play with toys, pull the sticker off of my shirt, stand, and clap ;)

10 Month Stats

* I am 22 lbs on my parents scale!
* I wear size 4 diapers, and 12-18 month clothes.
* I have curls at the base of my head.
* I crawl EVERYWHERE and am into EVERYTHING.
* I stand by myself.
* I am just starting to take steps when I have something to hold onto.
* I lift myself up to my knees and up to one foot.
* I love to clap and click my tongue. Especially if you sing, "If your happy and you know it clap your hands!"
* I rock and dance to music.
* I talk all the time.....lalalalalalala, dad and daddadadadad, mamamamamamam, and bababababba. I act like I am having conversations with lots of expression while waving my hands.
* I love to help my mom with the chores. I cook (play with measuring cups) and fold laundry (play peekaboo with the towels).
* I have 4 teeth....all of my middles.
* I pull knobs, push buttons, open doors, and pull door stoppers.
* I am fascinated by the vacuum cleaner and blow dryer.
* I eat cheese, yougurt, noodles, bananas, bread, and many chopped up foods.
* I have an internal alarm clock and wake up every morning at 6:30 like clock work. I still sleep 11 hours at night. I take 2 naps a day.
* I love to pull and play with moms hair.
* I like to brush my own teeth when you are finished helping me.
* Bath time is still the best time of the day. I like it best when dad gives me the bath, and then mom gives me my bottle.


River's Registry Link

For those who have asked what we need for baby River we have created a little registry. I posted the link for it on the right side of the blog. He does not need a lot really, just the things that we already got rid of from when Laken was a little newborn, a few boy items to throw in the mix, and gear that is needed to accommodate 2 babies. We already have plenty of clothes for him up to 6 months;) Chase and I, and several other family members already went shopping last week! Blankets are also good since all of Laken's are pink. We are thinking this time that we will wait to set up his nursery until he graduates out of his bassinet and we know more about his personality;)


Rainy's 28th Birthday

Today was my 28th birthday. Last night Chase brought home some flowers and a cake! We were so excited to try the cake and it was.....well lets just say nasty so we threw it out! Haha! Tonight we tried to redeem ourselves and go on a food crawl by first going to an indian restaurant and then out to gelato. We pulled into the indian restaurant and the door had a sign that said, "Now closed on Tuesday." Aaaah so we improvised and drove to the gelato spot that also happened to have wood fired pizza. It was amazing, and Laken had fun eating outside in the sunshine. And BONUS their was an adorable cupcake shop across the street! Great day!


It's the smallest things......

Laken found a door stopper and I think she may be playing with it for hours. When she found it she laughed over and over. Now she just can't stop! It's fun to see all of the little things again through her eyes ;)


Shreiking for Shrek

Movie night. We watched a little Shrek 2 before bedtime and I caught this picture. Laken thought that Donkey was pretty funny, she shrieked with laughter when he spoke! She is fascinated by remotes.....and is finding buttons that Daddy didn't even know were there!



Here comes trouble. I turned my back for one minute and she has pulled her diapers and wipes down, and has them strewn all over the floor. My little pistol is pretty proud of herself ;)


Oh, the Place You'll Go

Big day at the Simpson household. Not only did Laken find out that she was expecting a little brother today, but she also started to officially crawl forwards! She did it a few minutes before this and a little bit more for the video camera. And she has been doing it over and over again since. She seems really proud of herself!

"You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!"
— Dr. Seuss

River Chase Simpson

It seems like we have always known that when we had a boy his name would be River. In fact we can not even remember when it was that we decided on this name, but know that it was many years ago. Many people in my family have earthy names and this was my favorite. Chase decided that he loved it too, but only for a boy. That is how he came up with the name Laken to go with it! And now that we will have a little girl and a little boy the two names seem to just fit together perfectly! Chase will be his middle name after his Daddy. And Simpson is a given. I think the name just flows together so well. And we have already been calling him "Riv" for short. We can not wait to meet this little guy and see just how he defines this chosen name!

The Baby Is a..........

Our second precious baby is a BOY! He was very active in the womb today. He is very healthy with normal sized everything, 4 chambers in his heart, and he was waving his fingers around! All good signs according to the ultrasound technician. He is a big boy for his gestational age (but still in the normal range.) His heart rate was 150 today. Right away the tech. found his boy parts and said she has no doubt and that he was in the perfect position to tell. Chase and Laken danced when they saw.......and tipped over her stroller with excitement;) He was just precious and we can not wait to meet him.


Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day with Laken Rain. I am so blessed to now be a mother of two, and have an amazing husband/father to watch them grow with. Laken smelled, ripped and tasted the rose at brunch;) Our little bean is very active in the womb. I can now not only feel them inside, but can feel their nudges on my hand. It is still the most amazing thing the 2nd time around. Chase even thinks he felt the baby a few nights ago. We think about the new baby all of the time now. Tomorrow we find out whether the baby is a girl or boy. We are so excited that we just want the day to fly by! I can not wait to start calling her/him by name.....and buy the baby a few things too!


Collage of the Week

In her jammies on the morning of Cinco de Mayo * Meltdown 2.0 * Sleeping last night with both feet in the spindles of her crib.

Little Rock Zoo

Today we went to the Little Rock Zoo. This is Laken's 2nd trip to a zoo and she enjoyed it this time even more since she could see some of the animals. This zoo took us 3 hours which was the perfect size for her nap schedule. It was humid and sunny so Laken is all greasy from the sunscreen. I was there too.....but I am always behind the camera ;) There were a lot of primates just being fed at this zoo. The orangutan drug that dirty blanket with him everywhere he went! We also got to see a trainer feed the little monkeys their medicine. One monkey was a diabetic and it was fascinating to watch him put out his arm and place it in her hand for his insulin shot! The giraffes are always impressive. The last picture is of a magnolia tree just starting to bloom. I have never seen one in person. They are all over the city and much bigger than I imagined. Hoping they come into full bloom before we leave in 3 weeks.


Music Lessons

Lakers loves her daddy.....and really likes when he plays the guitar and sings to her! She concentrates and watches for the longest time. After a while she can not stand it any longer and has to touch the guitar. And then she kicks back to enjoy the music......this time she even put up her feet!

All Dolled Up

All dolled up and getting ready for our family dinner out at Texas Roadhouse Grill. She loved the sweet potato that she shared with Mom!