Worst Mom of the Year Award......Right Here

It is tornado season in Arkansas. And we are talking crazy weather.....sirens go off at night to run for shelter (this has happened 3 times this week!) So this afternoon the sun was shining and Laken and I were stir crazy. So I packed her up in her stroller and headed for Target in my flip flops (its only 3 blocks away). We had a blast in target, shopping for Aunt Dusty's birthday. We checked out and headed for the starbucks at the front of the store.....so maybe that was 50% of why I was so motivated to go to Target;) And yes I drink coffee when I am pregnant, another merit to add to my award. Then I looked out of the store window [ torrential rains, we are talking monsoons, and lightning ]. Shoppers were quickly gathering around the starbucks tables unwilling to run to their cars in the chaos. Pure panic set in as a giant crack of thunder sent shivers up my spine. I grabbed my coffee and sat by a giant window. I texted Chase and he was in the middle of a heart surgery which means he will not be on his way home for hours. I sat there for an hour with my squirming and increasingly hungry baby. Uh yeah I had not packed a bottle since we weren't planning on an hour break before returning home. Oh and did I mention that I had purchased ice cream bars at Target that were now melting in the stroller basket (a fact that I did not realize until we made it home.) So as the cries intensified and finally the rain had decreased to a drizzle.....I made a brave? decision. I headed for the umbrella isle (which was picked over since it has been a crazy week of weather in Little Rock) and purchased a $16 umbrella. WHAT! In the door of target I made a hillbilly all weather stroller by putting the shade up over Laken and then attaching the $16 umbrella to the side to somewhat cover her. And then I pushed away marching like a soldier in battle. I put my blinders on [do not look at anyone, yes they are all staring at you with shock and awe and thinking you are the worst mom in the world, so just look ahead and own it!] So I did, I pushed my hillbilly all weather stroller home in the rain, in flip flops, visibly pregnant for the 2nd time. And when I made it home, I turned on the TV to a severe thunderstorm warning, and noticed melted ice cream dripping from the bottom of the stroller. Wow.....worst mom of the year award....right here!

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