The Tooth Monster is BACK

My sweet baby is under attack from the tooth monster. She cut both of her top middles at the same time! Poor kid is moody one second and then when I tickle her the next she gives in with a toothy smile! Of course the almost daily easter presents from Grandparents helps too ;) Every couple of days I get a notice in the mail box that "L.Simpson has a parcel in the office!" Spoiled/Blessed she is!

Side note for moms: Laken loves this little idea I read in a magazine.....which is so simple yet genius. I've been putting miscellaneous things between the clear removable tray and the base on her high chair. Right now it is easter window decals, but some other ideas were family photos, letters, and numbers. She loves it, although now it is harder to get her to look up while eating, and she now chews on the tray for a close up!

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