Please Pass the Tissue

[just a little pregnant girl nostalgia and ramblings] Chase and I have been talking a lot lately about Laken's little milestones. And it is such a special understanding between parents. It's the littlest moments that mean so much to only us and it seems to be happening a lot lately. It's the drive home from Walmart when Laken is in her car seat babbling away, "Gagagagaga, [and then wait for it] "DADA!" And Chase and I look at each other with such surprise and happiness. And it's just a look but you know that the other person's heart is melting with joy too! The other day we were out to eat sitting across from each other. Our little bug was between us, pushed up to the table in her high chair. We had a little container of puffs out (yeah she is that cool now!) We look down and she is slowly picking up a puff between her fingers......and then she puts it in her own mouth and feeds herself! Chase and I looked at one another again with pure joy and burst out clapping while smothering Laken in "Yeah's!" I am sure the whole restaurant thought we were off our rockers....but at that moment you just don't hear or notice anyone else in the room. It does not matter when those milestones happen, and no one else would even notice just how special they are, but for a moment the world stops spinning and your heart pools with joy, and those are just the most special moments that I feel blessed to share with my husband and little girl. [cue the kleenex]

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