The Littlest Bean

Our tiny new addition is now the size of a hand opened wide! Wow this pregnancy is flying by. I had an OB appointment yesterday and heard the babies heart beat again! Unfortunately they do not do the ultrasound here until 20 weeks. So we still do not know the sex. This is very hard for us since we found out at 14 weeks with Laken. We just would like to know...NOW! Hahaha. Can't wait to find out and plan a new nursery and wardrobe, and of course picture our little family. Will we be the parents of 2 little girls.....so close in age that they are bound to be besties? Or will we have one of each and experience the differences that come with gender? Who knows and we can not wait to find out either way!


  1. Oh man! I hope you have a boy! My sister and I aren't even a year apart... and we HATED each other all growing up... and we still have major issues... girls just don't get along very well!!! However, so fun for you! Im secretly jealous!!!

  2. can i break the news that most places won't due them until 20 weeks. and you were lucky to find out at 14 and it actually be right!! :)

  3. You are the first person to say that Shannon! Good to here the truth though since most people say....."they are going to be so close!" Jocelyn yeah they do them anywhere from 16-22 weeks at most of the OB/Gyn's I have run into in my travels. However, this time I was 16.5 weeks at my appointment......so I was hopeful ;)