9 Month Stats

* Look at that face. I am so busy and it is hard to sit still to have my picture taken!
* I wear 12-18 month clothing, and size 4 diapers.
* I am so close to crawling, I love to be on my hands and knees rocking back and forth. I still crawl backwards.
* I love to stand with help. I take a few steps if you are holding my hands.
* If I fall from a standing position I sit down on my bottom.
* I can wave! Most of the time I use both hands to do it ;) I like to practice clapping too.
* I say "dadaddada dad" and many other combinations of consonants and vowels.
* The silliest things make me laugh.....paper ripping, silly noises, a pair of moms shorts being wiggled up and down like they are alive, being tickled under my chin.
* I love to be outside playing in the grass.
* I like to know where my parents are at all times. I check in and make sure they see me when they are out of sight!
* Bubbles are so much fun! I know exactly where they are in the cupboard.
* I have figured out that my toys that squeak will make loud noises if I hit them against things.
* I want to play with whatever toy you have in your hands. I will drop whatever I am doing to play with what someone else is interested in. Playing is way more fun with others.
* I have many emotions and will let you know when I am frustrated. Lots of expression on my face.
* I imitate noises.
* I am thinking that I am right handed.
* I really like to play with my blocks and popables. My toys that make noises are my favorite.

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