8 Month Stats

* I wear 12 month clothes, and size 3 diapers.
* I crawl backwards, and get stuck in corners.
* I rarely spit up anymore, and do not get as many tummy aches.
* I drink 5 bottles a day, 3 meals, and practice with a sippy cup of water daily. I really like to try whatever my parents are eating now and let them know!
* I play with my hair.
* I bounce up and down while sitting or when I get excited!
* I have two smiles.....my super genuine open mouthed smile, and the scrunch my face up silly one.
* It is so hard to change my diapers. I want to play with anything in my diaper basket and try to flip over while you are changing me.
* I am all over my crib at night, and flip over back and forth from back to stomach.
* I want to stand all the time, but I need your help.
* I am very adventurous and end up with boo boos.
* I really want to do whatever my parents are doing. Play with cell phones, remotes,keys (the baby versions of these are NOT the same!) I get frustrated when I can not play with them and when I can not have a drink of mom's starbucks.
* I am putting consonants and vowels together. I say things like..."Hi!" on accident!
* I like to hear stories, but need my own book to look at while you read to me.
* I love to rough house with Dad, play with water, listen to music, try new foods, and go for walks. I also like to shop now and sit in the cart!

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