This and That

Escape artist out of her bouncer

Stuck in a corner. Where's Laken?

Underneath the entertainment center

So little going on.....yet so much this and that. The littlest Simpson is now the size of a peach and growing into the 2nd trimester! My morning sickness is gone and we feel great.

This time around I am huge. I seriously am already wearing maternity clothes and showing. I know that I only had Laken 5 months before this pregnancy began....but I am still shocked. My body is saying, "oh this again, OK!" It is crazy and I sure hope this body holds up with everything I have been putting it through. I will have been pregnant and/or nursing for a total of 23 months when this baby is born! I told Chase the other day, "Please remember the old Rainy, sometimes I forget who she was or what she looked like, but I swear she will be back someday ;)" She's on sabbatical!

I have to share an embarrassing and funny story. The other day we were paying for our groceries at the store. There were 3 cashiers (one at the back of the line oogling at our "Doll Baby" Laken, one scanning our groceries, and the final bagging our groceries). The checker asked me what the baby's name was and I said Laken. The bagger said, "Oh you are going to name your baby Laken (while gesturing towards my stomach)". I said no that is her name (pointing to Laken). The poor bagger looked mortified, she thought that I was not pregnant and she had just assumed that I was! So I let her know, "No, that's OK, I am pregnant, and the other baby named Laken is also our baby." She replied, (in a deep southern twang) "Damn, you two been gettin busy!

Chase is really liking his heart rotation in Little Rock and the weeks are already flying by. 9 more weeks until we move back to Idaho! Laken is busy as ever. Her latest is crawling backwards. And we keep finding her all over the place [under the entertainment center, out of her bouncer, and stuck in corners}. She gets really frustrated when she wants to move forward and can only go backwards! It is very cute!

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