7 Month Stats

* I am 19 lbs, 4 oz.
* I wear size 3 diapers, and 9-12 month clothing.
* I now live in Little Rock, Arkansas and have adjusted really well!
* I still have two teeth on the bottom.
* I love the sound of my own voice.......shrieking, screaming, grunting, growling, etc.
* I am on the verge of crawling......if you put me down, don't count on me being in the same place when you come back. I am into everything!
* I eat all kinds of foods now and like to try what my parents are eating too.
* I can take drinks out of mommies water glass with help.
* I sit in restaurant high chairs and shopping carts without help.
* I initiate playing peekaboo by pulling blankets and towels over and off of my face. (I love when she leaves just one eye peaking out to see if I am watching ;)
* I laugh out loud....especially when Daddy kisses my neck repeatedly. Most recently I think the sound that a straw makes coming in and out of the lid is hilarious!
* My hair is getting really thick and is still longer on my left side.
* Everywhere we go, people comment on my chubby cheeks!
* I love to look at and smile at other kids and babies.
* I still love the bath and have started to splash so hard that water is everywhere in the bathroom.
* I sit still during story time and like to turn the pages......especially if you let me chew on them.
* My feet are the best toys ever......I like to suck on them, pull my socks off, and hold on to them.

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