Weekend Play

This kid loves to rough house with Dad. Here she is with her weekend buddy playing and hanging out around Little Rock!


This and That

Escape artist out of her bouncer

Stuck in a corner. Where's Laken?

Underneath the entertainment center

So little going on.....yet so much this and that. The littlest Simpson is now the size of a peach and growing into the 2nd trimester! My morning sickness is gone and we feel great.

This time around I am huge. I seriously am already wearing maternity clothes and showing. I know that I only had Laken 5 months before this pregnancy began....but I am still shocked. My body is saying, "oh this again, OK!" It is crazy and I sure hope this body holds up with everything I have been putting it through. I will have been pregnant and/or nursing for a total of 23 months when this baby is born! I told Chase the other day, "Please remember the old Rainy, sometimes I forget who she was or what she looked like, but I swear she will be back someday ;)" She's on sabbatical!

I have to share an embarrassing and funny story. The other day we were paying for our groceries at the store. There were 3 cashiers (one at the back of the line oogling at our "Doll Baby" Laken, one scanning our groceries, and the final bagging our groceries). The checker asked me what the baby's name was and I said Laken. The bagger said, "Oh you are going to name your baby Laken (while gesturing towards my stomach)". I said no that is her name (pointing to Laken). The poor bagger looked mortified, she thought that I was not pregnant and she had just assumed that I was! So I let her know, "No, that's OK, I am pregnant, and the other baby named Laken is also our baby." She replied, (in a deep southern twang) "Damn, you two been gettin busy!

Chase is really liking his heart rotation in Little Rock and the weeks are already flying by. 9 more weeks until we move back to Idaho! Laken is busy as ever. Her latest is crawling backwards. And we keep finding her all over the place [under the entertainment center, out of her bouncer, and stuck in corners}. She gets really frustrated when she wants to move forward and can only go backwards! It is very cute!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Simpson Family is Irish! And we are continuing the Breen family tradition of cooking corned beef and cabbage tonight. As a child I remember not really caring for it, but still thought it was cool when I walked in the door to that familiar salty smell each March 17th! Chase does not really care for it either, but there is just something about it that allows you to eat it once each year! Hopefully our wee little Irish family will like it! Here is our little lucky charm decked out in green today. I don't know if you can tell but she has a little curl behind that bow on the top of her head!


Family Day in Downtown Little Rock

We spent this afternoon in downtown Little Rock. These are the pictures of this charming city.....the heart of the city, the river market, and the famous Arkansas River.

The Clinton presidential library and museum was fun. We got to see replicas of the Clinton's oval office, a collection of gifts from people during his presidency, a Christmas tree that the first lady (Hillary) chose for the White House, and many other Clinton artifacts. Bill Clinton is originally from Little Rock.

The museum had a special traveling exhibit of the artwork from Dr. Seuss. This is why we really came to the Clinton library! I love books and Laken likes the rhymes and riddles in his stories. Here are some photos of original artwork from his collection. The original book covers from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and "The Lorax." Statues of "Green Eggs and Ham" and artwork from "The Cat in the Hat" and "Horton Hears a Who!" Laken appeared to like the colors and art.

And then we finished off the day by walking downtown and stumbled upon the end of a St. Patrick's Day Parade. Laken liked the bag pipers and watching all of the people. She even picked up some Mardi Gras beads! It was a beautiful fun day in the South!


Valentine's Day....Heartbeat!

On Valentine's Day we had our first appointment for the littlest baby Simpson. We heard the babies heartbeat for the first time! The heartbeat was 157 beats per minute. Everything looks great and the baby is doing wonderful. Laken got to wear her new Big Sister t-shirt and was a charmer during the appointment!


Who can help but smile when they see this! Despite the shock and awe, Chase and I looked at each other and giggled like school girls when we saw this little sign of life at the end of January! Laken had just turned 6 months old and we were certainly not trying to have another baby just yet. So amazing and just showed us that sometimes God has bigger grander plans for us! Then the panic set in and a movie real of irish twins, two under two, baby bunching, and the Duggers spun through my brain. And after a few moments of fear I thought about all of the fun our two little bugs will have together! We are so excited to welcome a new little life to our family and are expecting the littlest on September 26th! So blessed are we three!

7 Month Bloopers

(if you double click the collage it will get larger)

7 Month Stats

* I am 19 lbs, 4 oz.
* I wear size 3 diapers, and 9-12 month clothing.
* I now live in Little Rock, Arkansas and have adjusted really well!
* I still have two teeth on the bottom.
* I love the sound of my own voice.......shrieking, screaming, grunting, growling, etc.
* I am on the verge of crawling......if you put me down, don't count on me being in the same place when you come back. I am into everything!
* I eat all kinds of foods now and like to try what my parents are eating too.
* I can take drinks out of mommies water glass with help.
* I sit in restaurant high chairs and shopping carts without help.
* I initiate playing peekaboo by pulling blankets and towels over and off of my face. (I love when she leaves just one eye peaking out to see if I am watching ;)
* I laugh out loud....especially when Daddy kisses my neck repeatedly. Most recently I think the sound that a straw makes coming in and out of the lid is hilarious!
* My hair is getting really thick and is still longer on my left side.
* Everywhere we go, people comment on my chubby cheeks!
* I love to look at and smile at other kids and babies.
* I still love the bath and have started to splash so hard that water is everywhere in the bathroom.
* I sit still during story time and like to turn the pages......especially if you let me chew on them.
* My feet are the best toys ever......I like to suck on them, pull my socks off, and hold on to them.

Arkansas Walk

Wearing one of Jocelyn's adorable hats. You can find them at her shop theroyalblossom.com


Up Close and Personal

Here are some adorable close ups of Laken tonight! She is 7 months old and change......and yes I still need to take her 7 month onesie photos.....soon I promise!

"I Think I'm On a Roll Here in Little Rock"

We made it! Chase and his Dad Charlie drove the Uhaul and made it to Little Rock in 2 days by crossing 5 states! Laken and I flew on a plane on Friday. We are all settled in to our tiny one bedroom temporary apartment. And it's been raining and cool......we love it! Trees are everywhere and it is green! We went out for our first southern meal yesterday......fried green tomatoes, creole shrimp, southern bread pudding and sweet tea. Yummy! Everyone is so friendly with their cute accents in "yes mam," and "no sir!" It will be easy to stay here for 2 months and 3 weeks.....but who's counting !?!