Feeding Ducks

We are winding down our stay in Arizona. Just a few days left before the big move to Little Rock, AR. Here is Chase and Laken feeding the ducks, our favorite nightly activity at home.


Showing My Teeth and Curl

Chase took some pictures of Lakers tonight that show off her features: two bright white teeth and one long curl that grows on the left side behind her ear! That toothy smile warms our hearts!


Sitting up is hard to do......

Laken has been able to sit up for a while, however she is not a big fan. But tonight while we were singing nursery rhymes to her DVD that she got from Aunt Dusty she decided that she could move around and watch a lot better while sitting up. It started with her sitting up, with no assistance for 5 minutes or so. Then she fell over and was mad....so I put the boppy around her to help her. Then after 15 minutes of that she finally wore out and laid back on the boppy with a big sigh! Keep up the hard work bugaboo!


Arizona Renaisance Festival

We spent today at the Renaissance Festival. It was really neat with lots of comedy shows, games, jousting, acrobats, and fun little shops. It was a really warm day and we had fun trying some medieval foods, throwing axes, and soaking up the sun together!


Valentine's Day.....Just a Bit Early

Tonight we gave Laken an early Valentine. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba and we do not get Nick Jr. so we got her the DVD. She watched a little tonight before bed, squealing and bopping the whole time! Tomorrow we are off to the Arizona Renaissance Festival to celebrate Valentine's as a family....pics to come!

My Dad Rocks

Chase watched Laken alone today. And he dressed her up in her "My Dad Rocks" shirt and blinging sunglasses. He picked out the sunglasses a few weeks ago, and who cares that this is now her third pair! When I got home he said, "I took some pictures for her blog!" {LOVE IT}


Superbowl XLV

Laken went to her first superbowl party tonight! Dad was so excited to take her that he made her a custom onesie for the event with a pink NFL logo on the front, and Laken "0" on the back. She looked so cute! We went to our friends house in Peoria. The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25! The last is a picture of Laken all bundled up at home on the couch after the big game.


Whip It Good

My friends and I started a blog......a place for people to share recipes! Check it out, and if you're up for it share a favorite recipe with us!