Growing Like a Weed!!!

So many bloggable moments these past couple of weeks....and so little time. Just a quick note on the star of this page and her development. Incase you have not noticed, Laken is GROWING!!! I think she jumped right passed several of her outfits in size. Some of the things that we packed for Idaho, no longer fit her by the end of the trip! Today I put her in her bouncer now that we are home, and I swear she has outgrown it. Sometimes I pick her up from a nap, or in the morning and I am sure that she has changed from when I laid her down! Her hair is also filling in at a rapid pace, and I can not keep up with clipping her fingernails. WOW she is amazing! I think she looks a lot like her daddy in the second picture. And the first shows her sitting all by herself!

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