Family Date Night Topped off with a Sink Bath

Now that we have Laken, all of of our date nights include our baby girl! Everyone says you need time alone as parents, but we just really can't stand to leave her at home and never have (besides the girl needs a reason to wear her cute little dresses out on the town). We can't imagine a night without her. I think she always enjoys it too. Last night we went to Costco (I know exciting, right!) and then went out to dinner. We waited over a half an hour for a table and Laken was just a little peach the whole time. Charming the waitress and the table beside us with her new toothy smile! So maybe Chase had to dance with her for a few minutes while we waited for a table, and I had to feed her a bottle while the food sat in front of me, but it would not have been the same without her their. This is our new life and we are loving every second of it! Since we got home so late, we decided to just rinse Lakers off in the sink. She had not been in the sink since she was a little tiny newborn and thought it was pretty funny!

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  1. Rainy, she is sooo cute!! Hard to believe she is growing up!