6 Month Stats

* I have traveled 1/2 way around the sun! My parents can not believe that I am 1/2 a year old now.
* I smile a lot, but not for this photo shoot :) It is harder to get me to sit still long enough to take a picture now.
* I am 17 pounds, 14 ounces.
* I am 26 1/2 inches tall and in the 80th percentile for height and weight.
* I am in Size 3 diapers, and wearing 6-9 month clothing.
* I have two teeth! (my bottom middles)....and I bite everything!
* I touch and hold onto my feet.
* I sit up unassisted for a little bit, and roll both ways.
* I can stand when I hold onto things.
* My hair is getting blonder, and is longer on the left side.
* I eat a variety of stage one foods now: sweet potatoes, yams, apples, pears, peas, bananas, squash, carrots.
* I do not like avocados, water, or juice.
* I am very active now (squirmy and wiggly), somehow scooting around the living room floor, and knocking things out of my parents hands.
* I reach for Dad and Mom, back and forth, as a game.
* My Dad taught me how to pull the ceiling fan light on by pulling the string. Now every time that I walk by that fan I reach for it!
* I suck my right thumb all of the time....so much so that it gets a rash on it;)
* I am a very sweet little girl....I like to cuddle in the morning, and like to take naps with one of my parents.
* I still love to hear music, laugh when you sing my favorite songs, love rough housing with Dad, enjoy playing with water at bath time, and giggle through a baby einstein video every day.
* Sounds I like to make: screaming with glee or when I am bored, a throaty "hhhhaaaaa", raspberry noises, a laugh that sounds like "heh-heh", and many more that are difficult to spell out with the English alphabet;)

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