The stockings were hung on the wine rack with care.....

Here is the beginning of Laken's Christmas Memories. This is what our condo in AZ looks like this year. The tree is missing the top section that somehow got left behind in Idaho storage! We improvise and call it the Christmas bush. Notice the stockings made by Sally Wilhelm. She gave Chase and I ours for our wedding in 2005, she made Lakens for her baby shower! I bought the little tree stocking holders several years ago. I went back after Christmas and bought two extra with our future children in mind ;) The locket ornament is to remind us of our very special Christmas Eve in 2009. That was the first day that we got to see Laken on an ultrasound and confirmed that we were indeed pregnant. The ornament says "Baby Simpson Christmas Eve 2009," and you can barely make out the tiny beginnings of Laken with the help of the arrow. The other day I got her 1st Christmas ornament. It is a sparkly snowflake with Laken's name on the baby's hat, on the back it says, "2010 Baby's 1st Christmas." Each ornament and decoration is a special memory that I hope she cherishes year after year. I know that Chase and I do when we pull them out of the box.

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