5 Month Stats

* I am growing so fast!
* I have grown into size 2 diapers, and can now wear some of my 6 month clothing.
* Mom packed away all of my newborn items. Maybe she shed a tear or two.
* My parents leave my car seat in the car now. I'm a bit to heavy to be carried around in it.
* I've tried rice cereal, it's OK. I can't wait to try homemade baby food in the new year!
* If I slump forward on my hands I can sit up without help!
* I've started to wave my arms and reach for people when they pick me up.
* I like to screech and squeal with my Dad back and forth.
* I get around by twisting and squirming. I move around my crib and on the floor.
* Dad calls me "stomping bull" because I kick the slats of my crib when I wake up in the morning.
* I LOVE my toys and am entertained by them for long periods of time. My excersaucer rocks!
* My baby swing is so yesterday and I am no longer interested in it;)
* I recognize my name and listen closely when you speak to me. I like to have conversations with my family members and smile at strangers who stop to admire me.
* I grab faces, imitate facial expressions, and hold my bottle if I feel like it.
* I like to stand up, if you hold my hands.
* I just got a sweet new set of bath toys and love to splash, squirt and play with water.
* I like to look at the ornaments and lights on my Christmas tree.
* I am about to go on my 1st vacation and plane ride to Idaho. Although my parents tell me I am a very good baby, they are still a little nervous!

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