5 Month Stats

* I am growing so fast!
* I have grown into size 2 diapers, and can now wear some of my 6 month clothing.
* Mom packed away all of my newborn items. Maybe she shed a tear or two.
* My parents leave my car seat in the car now. I'm a bit to heavy to be carried around in it.
* I've tried rice cereal, it's OK. I can't wait to try homemade baby food in the new year!
* If I slump forward on my hands I can sit up without help!
* I've started to wave my arms and reach for people when they pick me up.
* I like to screech and squeal with my Dad back and forth.
* I get around by twisting and squirming. I move around my crib and on the floor.
* Dad calls me "stomping bull" because I kick the slats of my crib when I wake up in the morning.
* I LOVE my toys and am entertained by them for long periods of time. My excersaucer rocks!
* My baby swing is so yesterday and I am no longer interested in it;)
* I recognize my name and listen closely when you speak to me. I like to have conversations with my family members and smile at strangers who stop to admire me.
* I grab faces, imitate facial expressions, and hold my bottle if I feel like it.
* I like to stand up, if you hold my hands.
* I just got a sweet new set of bath toys and love to splash, squirt and play with water.
* I like to look at the ornaments and lights on my Christmas tree.
* I am about to go on my 1st vacation and plane ride to Idaho. Although my parents tell me I am a very good baby, they are still a little nervous!


Santa comes early in Arizona ;)

Santa knows that we will be traveling to Idaho for Christmas and our stockings will not fit on the plane. So he delivered our stocking stuffers this weekend. Laken enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper most of all. She ripped it, waved it around, and chewed on it! Santa brought her baby spoons, an owl ornament, a chewable book, a rattle, bubbles, and bath toys.


Where's Waldo........Errr The Simpsons

8 more months, 8 more months......that is the countdown ever ticking in the back of our mind. Chase has 8 more months until graduation. We recently found out the location of his last two rotations. We will be moving across the country {tone of excitement with a heap of fear and annoyance}. From March to June we will be in Little Rock, AR. Then Chase finishes off clinicals from June through August at Tri-State in Clarkston, WA! Happy trails!

Wordless Wednesday


The stockings were hung on the wine rack with care.....

Here is the beginning of Laken's Christmas Memories. This is what our condo in AZ looks like this year. The tree is missing the top section that somehow got left behind in Idaho storage! We improvise and call it the Christmas bush. Notice the stockings made by Sally Wilhelm. She gave Chase and I ours for our wedding in 2005, she made Lakens for her baby shower! I bought the little tree stocking holders several years ago. I went back after Christmas and bought two extra with our future children in mind ;) The locket ornament is to remind us of our very special Christmas Eve in 2009. That was the first day that we got to see Laken on an ultrasound and confirmed that we were indeed pregnant. The ornament says "Baby Simpson Christmas Eve 2009," and you can barely make out the tiny beginnings of Laken with the help of the arrow. The other day I got her 1st Christmas ornament. It is a sparkly snowflake with Laken's name on the baby's hat, on the back it says, "2010 Baby's 1st Christmas." Each ornament and decoration is a special memory that I hope she cherishes year after year. I know that Chase and I do when we pull them out of the box.


A waist is a terrible thing to mind!

~4 1/2 months. First taste of food! Laken was not quite sure what to think about diluted rice cereal. I think that she swallowed twice and played with the rest in her mouth! We will continue to let her "experiment" every morning so that she can learn about food and textures. It's a new adventure to start on the food journey and we can't wait for the faces of delight and disgust to come!

McCormick Railroad Park Scottsdale

McCormick Railroad Park in Scottsdale, that is where we took the bug last night for a taste of Christmas. The park is decorated in Christmas lights with a mini train that runs through it. The line for the train was miles long and Laken is so little, so we just wandered through the lights {beautiful}. She loved being in her front pack with Dad. So quiet and content. Lately they have become quite the pair. She sure cherishes her Daddy time. The other night they danced in the living room and you should have seen that little girls face beam from ear to ear! I just watched and let my heart melt. Nothing hotter than a dad who loves his baby girl ;) We finished off our Christmas night with soup and sandwiches at a sandwich shop across the street.


A Musical Heart

Laken has had a heart murmur since birth and given my family history of heart problems her pediatrician referred us on to Pediatric Cardiology. We took her yesterday and she is in the clear. She had an EKG that was perfect and her murmur is what they call a Still's murmur (also know as COMPLETELY NORMAL)!!!! The Still’s murmur may occur in as many as one third of all children.

I found this on the internet: An accurate description of a Still’s murmur is to say that your child has a “musical heart”.


Santa Baby

This weekend we took Laken for her first photo with Santa Clause at Bass Pro Shop. Laken was pretty sleepy and did not mind be handed off to a complete stranger with a beard and flashing lights. She just sat in his hands quite content and Santa told us he was going to keep her for Christmas!


Aunt Abbie

During the week of Thanksgiving Chase's little sister Abbie stayed with us! Laken just loved having her Aunt around and she really liked to "talk" and smile with her. Chase and I were sad to see her go, she really entertained Laken. I think that Laken looks a lot like her and wanted to post this shot of them together on Abbie's last day here!

Phoenix Zoo

On the day before Thanksgiving we took "The Simpsons" to the zoo. I have been waiting to post the pictures because the zoo took one of all of us that turned out great......unfortunately it is still not available on their website, so I am posting the ones from my camera. It was a really nice day and our little creature born in the southwest slept through most of the adventure!


May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

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