Sundays are for Football.......and rolling over!

Sundays are for Football in the Simpson home..........ok and maybe Saturdays and Monday nights too;) Laken loves to watch the games when she is playing with her toys and it is hard to break her stare away, so we often turn her toys away. This is how we found her tonight, locked and loaded on the game upside-down! Silly girl.....it looks like Mom is out numbered and football it is....and did I mention on Saturdays, Sundays, AND Mondays!

Breaking News: Today is the first time that Laken officially rolled over on her own and with no coaxing! Chase and I were talking on the floor and caught her with her left leg and arm in the air and then she slowly rolled onto her back side. She has been able to do this before if we helped her by placing her arm underneath her, but this was the first time unassisted and voluntary! We then put her back on her stomach and she quickly did it again with much applause and kisses from Dad and Mom! Go Laken!

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