4 Month Stats

*I am 13 pounds, 14 ounces.
*I am 24 inches long.
*I am still in size 1-2 diapers, and wearing 3-6 month clothes.
*I roll from my stomach to my back without help, but really do not like being on my tummy for long.
*I sit up with assistance, and lift up my head to see what I am missing when in my stroller.
*I put everything in my mouth.
*I'm not sure what I would do without my thumb. I suck on it all of the time and fall asleep with it in my mouth.
*I graduated from my bassinet to my crib! I like to move around in my crib and was recently found with both legs sticking out of the spindles, and very unhappy!
*I am a very happy baby, always smiling and laughing at people. For some reason when people rip paper, or play with wax paper and bubble wrap I crack up!
*I vocalize my emotions all of the time and started making raspberry sounds this week.
*My facial expressions are more defined, I raise and furrow my eyebrows, and scrunch up my face when I am being silly!
*I squeal a lot and try to draw attention from strangers in public......I'm sort of a flirt.
*I sleep 10-12 hours a night, and take 2 naps during the day.
*Favorite things: bath time, my thumb, nursing, my rubber giraffe, being tickled, dancing or rocking to CD's (loving the new Taylor Swift), looking in the mirror with dad, singing songs with mom, being outside, baby einstein DVD's, listening to myself squeal, and watching other kids.....{in any order}!


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Thanksgiving Twenty-Ten

Chase and I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Much has changed since our last Thanksgiving alone in a TGIFridays. This year we have a beautiful healthy daughter, and lots of family to celebrate with! We are truly blessed! This was my first year hosting Thanksgiving at our place and it was a successful one. I can hear us saying in the years to come, "remember that Thanksgiving when we squeezed everyone into our one bedroom condo!" I had many helpers and was thankful that everyone brought something and the meal came out perfectly. Aunt Abbie made the pies, Grandma Leslie and Great-Grandma Lola made the turkey, Chase "googled" mashed potatoes and carved the turkey, Great-Grandma Olene made deviled eggs and green beans, and I made some appetizers, stuffing, and candied sweet potatoes. We had so much food! Laken spit-up on her Thanksgiving outfit before I could get a picture;) She slept through most of the meal and was around in her bumbo to help Momma clean up later that evening. You can see that she was pretty tuckered out from her 1st Thanksgiving but is all set for the next holiday asleep in her Christmas pj's! Did I mention we are truly blessed?!!


The Simpson Family

All of the Simpson Family is in town for Thanksgiving and to meet the star Laken! Chase's dad Charlie, sister Abbie, and stepmom Leslie all came down from Wilsall, MT for the week. Laken got her first pair of moccasins from Grandpa and Grandma Simpson!


Weekend Warriors

Just a few pictures from our busy weekend preparing for an Arizona Thanksgiving at our place. Lots of shopping and cleaning going on around here.....but we managed to squeeze in a few good meals.....being the foodies that we are ;) Saturday night we went out for dinner with one of Chase's preceptors and his significant other, to a restaurant they frequent. We had never been there so we said, "We'll have what they are having!".....when in Rome right!?! It turned out to be one of the best meals we had ever had along with amazing company. Today we took Laken to a diner called Joe's Farm Grill that has been on the food network. They cook using ingredients from their own farm. It was an experience and nice to get out of the city. Beautiful setting and it rained, so Lakers was able to wear out her adorable hoodie with ears!

Santa Baby

Dear Santa,
I've been an awful good girl! My relatives have requested a Christmas wish list and I thought that you would want to see it too!
*9m+ footed sleepers, nights are cold in AZ.
*I start eating food soon! A mini food processor and baby food trays with lids would be nice.
*Gift cards to places like target and buy buy baby are always helpful, and they won't weigh down the sleigh!
*Some things that my slightly older baby friends have and I think I may like: a fisher price music play table, sunglasses, anything Yo Gabba Gabba (CD's, DVD's, toys).
Thank you,


Desert Botanical Gardens

Just a photo from our stay at home mom and babies group outing today. We took the kiddos to the Desert Botanical Gardens and finished up with lunch. I learn a lot from these ladies and it is nice to chat about all of the latest parenting challenges and successes. It can be isolating to be a stay at home mom, it can be lonesome being a SAHM married to an overachieving graduate student, and it can be heart breaking to be a SAHM away from all of your friends and family..........but with these ladies and our little buddies it sure makes it a lot easier ;)


Sundays are for Football.......and rolling over!

Sundays are for Football in the Simpson home..........ok and maybe Saturdays and Monday nights too;) Laken loves to watch the games when she is playing with her toys and it is hard to break her stare away, so we often turn her toys away. This is how we found her tonight, locked and loaded on the game upside-down! Silly girl.....it looks like Mom is out numbered and football it is....and did I mention on Saturdays, Sundays, AND Mondays!

Breaking News: Today is the first time that Laken officially rolled over on her own and with no coaxing! Chase and I were talking on the floor and caught her with her left leg and arm in the air and then she slowly rolled onto her back side. She has been able to do this before if we helped her by placing her arm underneath her, but this was the first time unassisted and voluntary! We then put her back on her stomach and she quickly did it again with much applause and kisses from Dad and Mom! Go Laken!

Papago Park and Hole in the Rock

On Sunday afternoon we went on a hike to Papago Park and the Hole in the Rock in Central Phoenix. It was so beautiful and the desert colors were very vibrant now that it is winter. Chase convinced me, and we climbed the back of this small mountain in order to get to the hole. I was so grateful once we did, because it was a nice unexpected surprise and an amazing view. Once we reached the top Laken was not too happy that we stopped for pictures:) Great weekend adventure in the sonaran desert!


Thankful Thursday!

We are so thankful for our little family and felt like taking some every day photos tonight!


Growing up and working hard!

This week Laken graduated from her bassinet to her crib with no problems at all! She is also gaining more balance and body control as you can see in the pictures from playtime tonight! She sits up by holding herself up with her hands. Changing so fast!


October 31st

On Halloween morning Laken decorated her pumpkin in hand prints! This proved to be harder than we anticipated. Laken clenches her fists so we had to improvise. I nursed Laken so that she would get milk drunk and relax. At the same time Chase opened her hands, painted them and then placed them on the pumpkin! Chase then finished up the pumpkin with hair, eyebrows and a mouth. At night Laken put her costume back on for a photo op on the patio. We walked around the condos for a bit to see the other children. Laken finished out the night all snuggled up in her Halloween blanket and pillow from Aunt Dusty!